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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

CIP Video Guide

PSNC has worked together with NHS Prescription Services to create a video guide to the new Capacity Improvement Programme scanning and pricing technology. The video discusses the need for the new system and outlines the process from early batch submission through to prescription scanning, data capture, manual exception handling and contractor payment calculation.

Complete video

Play the complete CIP video


Batch receipt and preparation

This chapter explains the batch receipt and preparation process which takes place for each batch submitted to NHS Prescription Services, including the sorting of broken bulk.

Scanning machine - how it works

This chapter shows the prescription scanning technology.

Collecting Prescription Information ICR - automatic data capture/type 1 exemption handler

This chapter explains the intelligent character recognition software process, and the manual data capture for the items which cannot be read with confidence by the scanning equipment.


This chapter explains the process of NHS Prescription Services staff assessing prescriptions which the pricing technology identifies as possibly having been submitted in the incorrect charge status group. It is always humans that make the final decision on whether to 'switch' a prescription's charge status.

Rules engine + type 2 exemption handler

This chapter explains the rules engine which prices the contractor's prescriptions in accordance with the Drug Tariff rules, and the manual exemption handling process for prescriptions where endorsement information must be manually input to ensure correct payment. 

Customer Support

This chapter shows the NHS Prescription Services customer support department who deal with queries from pharmacy contractors.

Interview with PPD Managing Director, Brian Alexander (Future of pricing)

This chapter shows an interview with NHS Prescription Services Managing Director, Brian Alexander regarding the future of prescription pricing at NHS Prescription Services.




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