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Endorsement Guidance with December FP34c Submission Document

PSNC has been working alongside NHS Prescription Services to produce a joint one page endorsing guide (please note there is information is on both sides of the page). This has been sent to every pharmacy contractor in the form of an additional checklist with their FP34c Submission Document for December prescriptions.

This guidance has been produced in light of the recent Drug Tariff changes to assist contractors with checking and sorting their prescriptions prior to submission. Due to the amount of queries received by both PSNC and the NHSBSA, especially relating to how to endorse out of pocket claims, we wanted to ensure that every contractor received a copy of how to endorse prescriptions under the new changes.

NHS Prescription Services will not be accepting any other endorsement for Out of Pocket Claims other than those stated in the Drug Tariff from December 2012 dispensed prescriptions (i.e. OOP or XP only), so it is vital that contractors are endorsing all prescriptions correctly.  

The information on this guide will also be useful going forward so we would advise contractors that they keep their copy safe for subsequent months and use for training purposes.

If you have received your December FP34c Submission Document but the endorsing guide was missing, please send us an email at Ask PSNC.

Posted 20 December 2012

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