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BSA Accuracy Check Requests

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded to consider whether to request accuracy checks from NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) this year as the December 31 deadline approaches.

Early Results of 2011-12 Rechecks

Early indications of the results from the 2011-2012 pricing accuracy rechecking exercise suggest that of the accounts checked so far, 40% have been overpaid and the amount will be recovered from the affected contractors.

Contractors are reminded to consider very carefully whether they should submit a request for a recheck and we would only advise that they do so if they have concerns regarding the accuracy of their payments.

CIP Error Package

The CIP error package allows contractors to request checks on the accuracy of the payments they received for prescriptions dated between April 2011 and March 2012 so long as they submit their requests to NHS BSA via post or email by December 31st deadline.

Contractors considering requesting checks on their payments must remember that they will only receive the second CIP error payment (worth £400) if they are found to have been underpaid by more than £500 in total.

Contractors should also be aware that for every bundle they submit for checking, NHS BSA will also check another bundle and any repayments made will be the net amount owed from those bundles. If contractors are found to have been overpaid across all checked bundles, they will be required to pay that money back to NHS BSA.

Requests for checks must be made using this form with one form to be completed per pharmacy per bundle to be checked. These can be submitted by post or by email to

PSNC Head of Pricing Harpreet Chana said:

“We have seen lots of reports in the pharmacy press this year about the value of the underpayments that were identified in last year’s accuracy checking exercise. The results of the re-pricing exercise showed that most contractors who requested checks on their accounts were right to do so and these contractors would have been those who suspected that there were problems on their accounts.

PSNC’s prescription audits, and indeed NHS BSA’s own payment accuracy measurements, show that while some pricing errors are leading to underpayments for contractors, others do lead to overpayments.

Contractors who request checks this year on the off-chance that they may have been underpaid but are found to have been actually overpaid will be asked by NHS BSA to repay the value of those overpayments, and this should be borne in mind. Contractors must also remember that for each batch they submit for checking, NHS BSA will also check another batch from the period and the results of both of these checks will be used to calculate any over- or underpayments.

Where contractors do believe that they have been significantly underpaid and have decided to request rechecks, we would advise that they do not delay requesting their checks particularly as the deadline falls over the busy Christmas period.”

Find full details of the CIP error package here.

Posted 21 December 2012

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