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NCSO/price concession January 2013 (updated 30th January)

January 2013

The Department of Health has granted the NCSO/price concessions to the following products:

Temazepam 10mg tablets
Temazepam 20mg tablets

Trazodone 50mg capsules (new)
Trazodone 100mg capsules (new)
Trazodone 150mg tablets (new)

It is essential that contractors endorse the prescription fully with the letters ‘NCSO' and full details of the product dispensed (e.g. manufacturer or supplier or brand name and pack size. If a particular supplier's product is not listed with a price on the NHS RxS pricing system, pharmacies must also endorse the price paid (before discount and ex VAT)). The endorsement must also be signed or initialed and dated. If any of this information is missing, payment will be based on the Drug Tariff price rather than the endorsed product.

January price concession:
Isosorbide mononitrate 20mg tablets (56) - £4.85

(With price concessions, no extra endorsements are required by pharmacy contractors to claim these concessions. This price is automatically applied for reimbursement against generic prescriptions).

If you have problems obtaining a Part VIII product or problems obtaining the product at the set Drug Tariff price, please report the issue to PSNC using the online feedback form on the PSNC Website. If you have been able to source the product, please provide full details of the supplier and price paid. PSNC will investigate the extent of the problem and if appropriate discuss the issue with the Department of Health.

Posted 30 January 2013

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