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Pharmacy Bodies Respond to NHS CB IG Toolkit Consultation

PSNC, Pharmacy Voice and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society have jointly responded to an NHS Commissioning Board review of the NHS Information Governance Toolkit. The objectives of the review included establishing whether the Information Governance Toolkit remains fit for purpose and to explore alternatives to assessing information governance standards which could deliver the same strategic objectives as the IGT does.

Key points made in the response included:

  • There is scope to radically simplify the Toolkit to reduce bureaucracy in the current process that has meant additional costs for the NHS without additional benefits.
  • There is a need to shift the focus of the Toolkit away from being a ‘tickbox’ exercise towards empowering staff across the NHS to use their professional judgement to manage rather than avoid risks.
  • It is for the NHS and not commercial IT providers or fellow health professionals to performance manage compliance with NHS information governance standards.

A copy of the response can be downloaded in full by clicking on the link below:

Response to Information Governance Review 

Background Information

Information Governance Toolkit

Posted 15 January 2013

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