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PSNC Chief Executive delivers UCL School of Pharmacy Lecture

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe last night (January 17th) delivered the 2013 UCL School of Pharmacy Lecture, setting out a vision for the NHS in which community pharmacy’s full potential would be realised to ease the burdens on secondary and GP-led primary care.

The NHS urgently needed this third pillar of care, which would have community pharmacy at its foundation, to survive into the future, Sue told an audience at The Royal Society.

Sue described the pharmacies of the future as health places which would be used to help the public keep healthy, avoid disease, reduce risk factors and deal with minor episodes.

And the centrality of supply of medicines should give way to a new pharmacy focus on taking responsibility for ensuring that patients take medication appropriately and effectively, she said.

Sue set out the challenges facing the NHS, highlighting a Nuffield Trust report published in December which had predicted that unless NHS spending increased beyond inflation it could face a funding gap of £50bn by 2021/2.

But more effective use of community pharmacy, for example to deliver benefits by optimising the use of medicines, could play a substantial role in helping the NHS to improve its productivity, she argued.

The changes would require commitment from pharmacy, the NHS and GPs, Sue said, suggesting that pharmacy must identify where it could help doctors to manage the burdens they faced “nudging them towards where they and the NHS can get real improvements in productivity through community pharmacy.”

Click here to read the full lecture.

Posted 18 January 2013

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