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Service promotion posters now available

A new set of display posters designed to help promote key pharmacy services to the public can now be downloaded from the PSNC website.

The posters were designed by Cumbria LPC and feature the ‘Think Pharmacy’ slogan. They can be printed off in poster form or used as part of smaller leaflets and are suitable for use both in pharmacies and other local community venues.

The posters cover medicines advice, smoking cessation help, travel health advice, EHC and minor ailments and could be used to promote specific local NHS services or as more general promotional materials. They advise patients that rather than visiting their GP, they should ‘think pharmacy’ as their local pharmacist is likely to be able to help them.

The materials were developed by the LPC to help educate the public about what pharmacy can do. “We had seen some of the materials used to promote the Portsmouth Health Living Pharmacy scheme and wanted something along those lines to promote our pharmacy services in an interesting way,” explains Jeff Forster, Cumbria LPC chief officer. “The PCT helped us to deliver our materials and our contractors have been able to use the posters in their pharmacies.”

Contractors are encouraged are use the posters to help to promote local services in their pharmacies and LPCs and contractors could consider using them elsewhere in the community too.

The posters can be downloaded here, with many thanks to Cumbria LPC and NHS Cumbria for sharing the materials.

LPC latest: Cumbria LPC

As well as creating excellent PR materials for their contractors, Cumbria LPC has been working hard to ensure the security of local services in the reformed NHS.

This year it reports that flu vaccination has been a big success, with more than 4,500 vaccinations delivered in pharmacies. “That’s around one per cent of the local population that has been vaccinated in their pharmacy,” says Jeff Forster, chief officer at the LPC, “and that’s not bad considering this was our first year.”

The LPC says the service was not difficult to sell to people but it is now waiting to find out who might be responsible for making a decision on continuing the service next year.

Cumbria LPC has also recently worked to get a pharmacy health check service commissioned by the PCT’s public health department and hopes the relationships it has built up with people through working on that will stand it in good stead when public health functions transfer to local authorities in April.

Have you had a service or other success in your local LPC? Email  or to share your story and any tips that could help other LPCs.

Posted 28 January 2013

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