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Warning - false invoices fraud

The Drug Tariff Part VIIIB sets out the arrangements for claiming payment for specials. For those products listed in Part VIIIB, the pharmacy will receive payment based on the price listed in the Drug Tariff, and for products not listed, the pharmacy is entitled to payment of the net price – that is, the price actually paid after discounts / rebates have been deducted.

PSNC has received an allegation that one or more specials manufacturers are offering to issue false invoices to disguise a lower actual price paid. An arrangement in which a false invoice is used to claim a higher amount from the NHS than the true net sum paid, would constitute fraud by the person who claims payment on the basis of an inflated invoice. 

Contractors are strongly advised not to deal with companies that offer invoices and other documentation that seek to disguise discounts or rebates, or which do not allow them to claim accurately for specials that have been procured. Fraud of this nature could lead to imprisonment, and to a lifetime disqualification from providing services under the NHS.

Posted 8 February 2013

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