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Reminder - changes to PharmOutcomes

PSNC and Health Information Exchange (HIE) announced in November 2012 that they had reached agreement to work in partnership with Pinnacle Health LLP to develop a new improved PharmOutcomes platform.

This decision followed a review of PharmOutcomes (formerly PharmaBase) undertaken by HIE following feedback received from pharmacy contractors and their teams, Local Pharmaceutical Committees and service commissioners.

As now, the new PharmOutcomes will provide support for locally commissioned services. The new platform will go live in April 2013; until then the current platform and its helpdesk will operate as usual.

PSNC/HIE believe this partnership is the most appropriate way in which they can continue to seek to achieve the two main aims that were at the centre of the project from the very beginning:

  • to capture the evidence of community pharmacy’s benefit for patients; and
  • to ease the burden of record keeping, service management and financial tracking for services provided by community pharmacies.

Further information on the new system is availalbe in the PharmOutcomes section of the website, but in summary the new platform:

  • doesn’t require an LPC hypothecated levy;
  • allows for local tailoring of services but will also provide a national template for common services;
  • allows real-time performance management of services; and
  • remains ‘By Pharmacy, For Pharmacy’.

Termination Notice for the current PharmOutcomes platform

Due to the move to the new PharmOutcomes platform in April, a notice of termination of the service provided by the current platform was given on 31st December 2012. The notice is available via the PharmOutcomes logon screen or at

The current PharmOutcomes service provided under the User Agreement version 2.1 dated 22 September 2011 will be terminated on 10 April 2013. Pharmacy contractors will be able to obtain their quarterly NMS report during the final week of operation, and will be able to download an extract of all their data held on the PharmOutcomes platform, during March and until 10 April 2013.  On 11 April, all data on the PharmOutcomes platform will be deleted.

The new PharmOutcomes service will be provided under a new User Agreement, and this will involve transferring contractors’ data to a new PharmOutcomes platform for those Contractors that wish to transfer the data.

As part of the process of transferring the PharmOutcomes platform to our new partner, Pinnacle Health LLP, an amendment has been made to the standard User Agreement which will authorise the transfer of the User's logon credentials and any information entered by pharmacies (relating to the pharmacy and also patient records) to the new system.  The new User Agreement can be found at

In addition, a new User Agreement is required to set the terms of use for pharmacy contractors to use the Pinnacle Health LLP provided PharmOutcomes system.  This user agreement can be found at Pharmacy contractors who decide that they want to transfer to the new Pinnacle Health LLP provided service will need to agree to both the User Agreements - the first to authorise the transfer of data, and the second to parallel the existing User Agreement when using the new service.  The option to transfer will be included in the PharmOutcomes logon process until the end of February.

Any user that does not wish to transfer data to the new PharmOutcomes may choose to continue with the existing PharmOutcomes service until 10 April 2013 at which time the system will be switched off.  Contractors will need to download any of their data that they wish to retain (especially if any clinical records are held on PharmOutcomes) and a facility to allow the download will be available in March 2013.

New Medicine Service support

PSNC/HIE is currently exploring with Crimson, our current technology partner, to see if we can find ways to continue to support recording of New Medicine Service provision beyond March next year. This would be on the basis of users of the NMS module (in the existing platform) paying to access the functionality. We do not yet know if the service will continue, but we are doing all we can to see if we can help contractors if the service is re-commissioned.


Posted 21 February 2013

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