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Prescription Charge Rises to £7.85

The government has announced an increase of 20 pence to the NHS prescription charge to £7.85 per prescription item. This change will come into effect from the 1st April 2013.

The cost of prescription prepayment certificates (PPC) has remained the same for a further year, with the price of a three month PPC at £29.10 and a 12-month PPC at £104. PPCs offer savings for those needing four or more items in three months or more than 13 items in one year.

PSNC Chief Executive Sue Sharpe said:

“The prescription charge is a tax on the sick and as all pharmacies will know, many people who have to pay the charges find it extremely difficult to do so. We understand that the NHS is starved of resources and so may not be able to remove the charge, but at a time when many people are seeing their income drop, the increase announced today is regrettable.”

All community pharmacies – Look out for your free updated prescription charge card in March’s issue of Community Pharmacy News.

Posted 1 March 2013

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