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EPS: Making your system work for you

In developing their systems, pharmacy system suppliers are required to participate in NHS Connecting for Health's 'Common Assurance Process' which assures compliance with the requirements laid down by Connecting for Health. System suppliers have been provided with a functional specification from Connecting for Health. This defines what the system must do but there is still significant flexibility for suppliers in the way that systems are developed to support use of the EPS service.

Feedback from EPS Release 2 users indicates that there are important differences in the way that PMR systems are supporting pharmacy staff in dispensing via EPS Release 2. To ensure systems meet user needs, it is essential to engage with suppliers. Click on the link below to access a list of possible discussion points:

EPS R2 PMR System Usability Discussion points

Engagement can be as simple as picking up the phone and raising issues or alternatively ask if your system supplier has an open access user forum that you can join.   

Copies of the Connecting for Health EPS R2 compliance documents can be accessed on the CfH website at:

EPS compliance documents

General points to consider when selecting a supplier can be found by clicking on the link below:

Tips on selecting a supplier

Background information on EPS Release 2 can be found in the NHS IT section of this website.

Posted 7 March 2013

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