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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

General News

New improved PharmOutcomes launches

The new improved PharmOutcomes system ( which provides support for locally commissioned services and contractor assessment of compliance with the CPCF requirements (the PSNC Contract Workbook) has now gone live. 

The new platform was launched after PSNC and Health Information Exchange Ltd (HIE) agreed to work in partnership with Pinnacle Health LLP. For more information on this decision, visit the PharmOutcomes section of this website.


Support for the NMS

Last week, HIE and its IT partner for the original PharmOutcomes platform, Crimson, announced that they had reached an agreement on a license which will allow Crimson to use the PharmOutcomes NMS module on their new myhealthplace platform.


Use of the NMS module in the Crimson myhealthplace platform offers continuity of service to all current NMS service providers and pharmacy contractors can continue using the NMS module for a payment of £5 per pharmacy per month. Contractors should email for further information, or to set up access to the NMS module on the myhealthplace platform.

Saving a copy of your current PharmOutcomes data - action required by pharmacy contractors

If a pharmacy contractor has used the NMS module within PharmOutcomes we strongly recommend that you download your NMS data from PharmOutcomes, by following the instructions on the link below; the NHS contractual requirements for the NMS require you to keep a copy of your NMS records for two years from the date of completion of the service. You will also be able to download your quarterly NMS report between 2nd and 10th April 2013. 

Saving a copy of your data from the current PharmOutcomes platform

Posted 2 April 2013

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