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EPS: The Future of the 'Spine'

The NHS contract with BT to provide the Spine ends in April 2014. From September 2013, management of the central EPS system infrastructure will transfer from BT to under the direct control of the EPS team with the support of a software partner.

This change has the potential to offer increased flexibility to make changes to the EPS functionality. The first release of the new Spine will be like-for-like with the current Spine; enhancements are expected to start being made to the EPS service from 2014. Enhancements under consideration include moving to a ‘push’ versus ‘pull’ model for the transmission of acute prescriptions to the patient’s nominated pharmacy and enhancing the repeat dispensing functionality to improve the logic that enables automated download of the next prescription issue and to provide better support for ‘PRN’ medication.

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Posted 2 April 2013

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