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PSNC emphasises community pharmacy's potential to MPs

PSNC emphasises community pharmacy’s potential to MPs

PSNC has outlined to MPs how better use of community pharmacies by the NHS could ease pressures across the health service.

Responding to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care and Public Health’s inquiry into the survival of the NHS, PSNC warned that without radical change the health service may crack under the combined pressures of financial constraints and increasing demand for services.

PSNC set out its vision for the NHS in which community pharmacies, offering a range of healthcare services, could help to reduce waste in the NHS and ease the burden on GP-led primary care and secondary care.

The response also highlighted some of the barriers that would need to be removed to achieve this, such as territoriality between healthcare professionals; regulations that have a restrictive impact on pharmacy practice; and the lack of effective communications between healthcare organisations involved in patients’ care.

Read PSNC’s response to the inquiry.

Posted 27 March 2013

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