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PSNC contractor briefing on the new NHS environment

PSNC has published a short briefing document for pharmacy contractors on the reformed NHS, alongside information and templates for LPCs to help them to keep their contractors fully informed in the new environment.

The contractor briefing provides a quick reminder of the main commissioning organisations relevant to community pharmacy from 1st April 2013 and an update on the current issues related to the changes to the health and care system.

PSNC has also been supporting LPCs in their work through the reforms, for example giving regular briefings on the new NHS structures and commissioning environment. We have also produced materials that LPCs may be able to adapt locally, including a template document to give contractors information on their local commissioners.

PSNC Head of NHS Services Alastair Buxton said:

“The changes which occurred on 1st April 2013 were very significant, but the time available to implement them has been short. As a consequence the new system will not be fully functioning for some time. 

To illustrate this point, Professor Malcolm Grant, Chairman of NHS England (formerly the NHS Commissioning Board), speaking at the Commissioning Live event on 20th March said that with just a few days to go until the handover from PCTs, some NHS England area teams had yet to be fully established. 

Uncertainty about who is undertaking some tasks in the new local commissioning system may be worrying for contractors, but LPCs will be working hard to manage this locally and to ensure that contractors have the latest information on their local commissioners and organisations. LPCs will be able to give contractors more information about this work and the situation locally.

For contractors, the focus should continue to be on delivering the best possible service to patients.

In terms of local services, many public health services have been commissioned by local authorities for one year and LPCs will already need to be thinking about how they will ensure those are re-commissioned when the contracts end next year. Contractors can help them in this work by continuing to deliver local services acording to the requirements and to the desired quality and volume - first impressions really do count, and pharmacy's delivery in these crucial first months will have an impact on commissioning opportunities for years to come.”

Read the contractor briefing on the reformed NHS here.

More detailed briefings on the organisations are being prepared by PSNC and will be published over the coming months as the NHS continues to take shape.

In the meantime, contractors and LPCs may also be interested to read an update on the NHS given to PSNC members at their most recent meeting.

Posted 12 April 2013

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