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Sertraline price concession announced

PSNC has received a significant number of reports from contractors on the availability of both sertraline 100mg and 50mg tablets and now the Department of Health has granted the following price concessions for the month of April:

 Sertraline 50mg tablets (28): £14.00

Sertraline 100mg tablets (28): £18.00

Please note that price concessions are applied automatically to your prescriptions and therefore no extra endorsement is required and they do not need to be separated out from the rest of the bundle at the end of the month.

PSNC have undertaken analysis on the contractor reports received and information gathered from manufacturers and suppliers. This analysis has uncovered that, whilst stock for the month of April is available at a range of prices, suppliers have confirmed that there is substantial stock available at or below the set concessionary prices. Contractors are advised to continue to challenge any suppliers who are unable to offer these products at or near the concessionary price.

If you are unable to successfully challenge your supplier and obtain product at or below the concessionary price please continue to fax/ email  us copies of your invoices to assist us in our analysis.

PSNC’s fax number is 0207 833 8007 and our email address is

Posted 23 April 2013

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