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To improve the efficiency of prescription pricing, NHS Prescription Services  introduced an automated pricing system, known as the Capacity Improvement Programme (CIP).

Implementation of the new system began in March 2007, applied to prescriptions from a limited number of pharmacies. All prescriptions dispensed by pharmacy contractors as part of the national contract are now being processed by the CIP system (prescriptions from LPS Contractors are processed via legacy systems). NHS Prescription Services wrote individually to each contractor in advance of them being transferred to the new pricing system.

Since the introduction of CIP some processing issues have been identified which cause an error in payment for some prescription items. Error correction and system improvement work is ongoing, and PSNC and NHS Prescription Services are continuing to scrutinise the system closely.

This section of the website includes an overview of CIP, guidance for contractors whose prescriptions are now being priced via CIP and a summary of the status of known implementation issues.

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How the System Works

CIP Video Guide 

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More Information

CIP Guidance for Contractors: PSNC distributed detailed guidance on CIP to all pharmacy contractors in March 2008. Additional hardcopies are available on request from the PSNC Information Team. The latest information on CIP can be found in this section of the website.

Video Guide to CIP: NHS Prescription Services have worked with PSNC to publish a new video guide to the new processing technology. The video takes contractors through the pricing process, from the receipt of prescription batches at the PPD, to batch preparation, scanning, and the data capture mechanism. The video also explains the exception process, whereby PPD staff manually capture information from dispensing endorsements. The guide can be viewed on the PSNC website