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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Communicating with GPs

Prior to July 2012, where as a result of the MUR consultation, no recommendation was made to the patient’s GP, pharmacy contractors were required to notify the GP within one month of the date of the MUR consultation, that the patient had received an MUR.

The Professional Relationships Working Group (PRWG), which includes NHS Employers, PSNC and the BMA General Practitioners Committee (GPC), agreed that this information is not of benefit to GP practices and contractors are now only required to contact the GP if an issue is identified during the MUR where the pharmacist believes the GP should be informed. In this circumstance, the pharmacist must complete a copy of the nationally approved MUR feedback form and send it to the GP practice.

Using the approved MUR feedback form does not preclude the pharmacist from contacting the patient’s GP via telephone or face to face if an urgent issue is identified with the patient during the MUR. This can then be followed up in writing using the feedback form.

MUR Feedback Form (Microsoft Word eForm)

Example of an MUR Feedback Form (PDF)