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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Communicating with GPs and referring patients

As part of delivering the NMS, pharmacy contractors or their representatives must contact local GP practices about the service. Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) and Local Medical Committees (LMCs) have a key role to play to make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible. PSNC has worked with NHS Employers and the GP Committee of the British Medical Association to develop a briefing document for GP practices on the changes to the pharmacy contract. This document can be used by LPCs and pharmacists/pharmacy contractors in local discussions with GPs and their teams.

Community Pharmacy Services - briefing for GP practices

PSNC PowerPoint presentation for briefing GP practices

PDF version of the presentation

CPPE NMS detailing card

Joint letter to LPCs and LMCs

There may be occasions during the provision of the NMS when pharmacists will need to refer patients to their GP, where an issue has arisen that cannot be solved by the pharmacist and patient. In these circumstances pharmacists can use the NMS Feedback form to communicate with the GP practice. The NMS module in PharmaBase allows pharmacists to produce completed NMS Feedback forms where appropriate.

NMS Feedback form (Microsoft Word e-form)

It is best practice to phone the GP practice where a referral is urgently required, following this up by sending a copy of the NMS Feedback form to the GP practice. Where the information to be fed back to the GP practice is less urgent, the form should be sent to the practice, with the patient being advised that the GP practice will contact them about the information in the NMS Feedback form where necessary.


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