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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Conducting MURs off the pharmacy premises

Though the MUR service was designed to be provided in the pharmacy, it is possible to conduct MURs in other venues. The NHS England Area Team (AT) must give consent to pharmacy contractors wishing to carry out consultations off the pharmacy premises, and this consent can be for:

  • a specific premises (e.g. a specific room in a local surgery); or
  • a specific premises or a category of premises for a category of patients (e.g. a care home for care home residents); or
  • specific premises for a specific patient (e.g. in a patient's own home).

MURs can also be provided exceptionally by telephone, but only where the AT gives its approval for a particular patient, and on a particular occasion. The Directions require a telephone MUR to be carried out such that no-one can overhear the consultation.

Pharmacy contractors can use PSNC's PREM2 form to make applications to their AT:

Application for consent to conduct MUR away from pharmacy (PREM2) (PDF)

Application for consent to conduct MUR away from pharmacy (PREM2) (Microsoft Word)


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