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Where can I Obtain?

In this section of the site, you'll find more information on where to obtain popular publications and resources.

Average Item Values (AIV):
Information on the average item value of products dispensed by an individual contractor can be found on the contractor's Schedule of Payments. Information on the national average item value for any given month can be found on the NHS Statistics section of the PSNC website.

Bank Holiday Hours Notification form:
A form for notifying a PCT of intended bank holiday opening hours can be downloaded from the Opening Hours Section of the PSNC Website.

NICE  has introduced new arrangements for the distribution of hard copies of the BNF and BNFc to community pharmacies and other healthcare professionals. Pharmacies with one registered Pharmacist will receive a single copy of BNF/BNFc, and Pharmacies with two or more registered Pharmacists will receive 2 copies of BNF/BNFc. Any Community Pharmacists who have not received copies should contact or telephone 01268 495 609 to ensure they are registered to receive copies in future. Please also note that BNF and BNFc content can be accessed through: For further information, please visit:

Complaints Forms:
A range of model forms and documents to support responding to complaints can be downloaded from the clinical governance section of the website.

Contract Monitoring Toolkit:
Additional copies of this resource can be requested from the PSNC Information Team (0844 381 4180 or 0203 1220 810) or can be downloaded from this site.

DDA Toolkit:
NHS Primary Care Contracting have published a Disability Discrimination Act Resource Toolkit which can be used to assess patients for auxiliary aids. It is available on the PCC Website.

Department of Health Publications:
A number of publications are available from the Department of Health Publications Orderline. They can be contacted by calling 0300 123 1002 or you can search and download from their website:

Drug Tariff:
Copies of the Drug Tariff are sent out monthly to all NHS Community Pharmacy Contractors in England. PCTs are responsible for arranging delivery of the Tariff and should be contacted directly if a copy of the Drug Tariff is not received. Contractors in Wales should contact their LHB for hard copies of the Drug Tariff. The Drug Tariff is available to all contractors in the electronic format and can be viewed on the NHS Prescription Services Website.

EPS: Patient Information Material:
Connecting for Health have published a poster and leaflet to promote the Electronic Prescription Service to patients. The order code for the ‘Patient and carer leaflet' is 2178 and the poster is 2202. Orders can be placed by calling the CfH Order Line: 08453 700 760

ETP Claim Form:
The form for claiming the ongoing ETP Allowance can be downloaded from the Forms Section of the PSNC Website along with a template letter that contractors can use to inform a PCT if they become unable to operate the Electronic Prescription Service.

Fitness to Practise (FTP):
The form for contractors to notify their PCT of convictions or other fitness to practise incidents can be downloaded from the FTP Section of the PSNC Website.

FP10PCD Submission Document:
Photocopies of private prescription forms for controlled drugs (FP10PCD) must be submitted to the NHSBSA monthly along with a special FP34PCD submission document. The submission document can be downloaded from the NHS Prescription Services website.

FP57 (Receipt and Refund Forms):
PCTs are responsible for issuing the FP57 (Receipt and Refund Forms) to pharmacies, on request.

FP34c Submission Document:
Copies of Form FP34C which is used when submitting NHS prescription forms for pricing are sent out monthly by the NHSBSA Prescription Pricing Division. If the form hasn't arrived by the end of the month, contact the NHS Prescription Services Help Desk on 0300 330 1349.

FP95 Application for a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate:
Copies of this form are available on request from PCTs.

Help with Health Costs Promotional Material:
A range of information material for patients on ‘Help with health costs' can be ordered from the Department of Health (Publications order line = 0300 123 1002) including the HC20 A4 poster which provides patients with information on Prescription Pre-payment Certificates and the HC1 NHS Low Income Scheme Claim Form.

Hours Notification form:
A form for applying for a change in a contractor's core hours or notifying a PCT of a change in a contractor's supplementary hours can be downloaded from the Opening Hours section of the PSNC website.

MUR Form:
The MUR form can be downloaded from the MUR section of the PSNC website. There are a number of providers of pre-printed forms including some wholesalers and the NPA. The majority of pharmacy system suppliers have integrated electronic forms into dispensary computer systems.

MUR Accreditation:
Pharmacists (including locums who will be providing the service) must successfully undertake a competency assessment to gain accreditation before providing the Advanced Services. Competency Assessments are being provided by a number of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Information on available courses is available on the Advanced Services section of the PSNC Website.

MUR PREM1 & PREM2 Forms:
Pharmacy contractors must self-certify to their PCT that their consultation area meets the required standard before beginning to conduct MURs. The Premises Self-Certification Form (PREM1) and the form to apply for PCT consent to conduct an MUR away from a Pharmacy (PREM2) can be downloaded from the MUR Section of the PSNC Website.

MUR: Understand your Medicines (Patient Leaflet):
The Department of Health have published a booklet for patients outlining the Medicines Use Review Service. The booklet can be ordered free of change by calling the DH Publication Order Line (tel 0300 123 1002, publication reference no. 270570).

Patient Survey (Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire):
Details of organisations providing support with undertaking the survey are available on the PSNC website. The questionnaire form can be downloaded from here.

Practice leaflets:
The guidance on practice leaflet contents can be downloaded, with an example template leaflet from the clinical governance section of the PSNC Website

Patient Safety Incident Reporting Form:
A template form to support reporting can be downloaded from the Publications section of the PSNC website. Contractors with broadband internet access should report to the NPSA directly either through internal company systems or online at

Pre-registration Training Grant:
There is no nationally approved form for applying to a PCT for payment of the Pre-registration Training Grant but a template form that contractors
can use to claim payment can be downloaded from the Forms Section of the PSNC Website.

Prescription Charge Card:
Whenever the prescription charge changes, PSNC distributes a prescription charge card that can be displayed in pharmacies to inform patients of the current prescription charge. This is automatically sent to all pharmacies in England. Additional copies can be requested, subject to availability from the PSNC Information Team or may be downloaded by clicking here. Community Pharmacy Wales publish a Welsh version of the card.

The pharmacy contract is governed by the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2005 which incorporate the Control of Entry provisions, rural dispensing regulations, the Terms of Service under the new pharmacy contractual framework and Fitness to Practise provisions for pharmacy contractors. Links to the regulations, amendment regulations and secretary of state directions relating to essential and advanced services are available in the NHS Regulations Section of this site.

Repeat Dispensing National Leaflet and Consent Form:
The Department of Health have produced a national leaflet (RD2) and consent form (RD1) to support the repeat dispensing service. Both of these resources can be ordered from PCTs.

Smart Cards:
PCTs are responsible for issuing smart cards to access the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). In EPS Release 1, only pharmacists (including locums) are required to obtain smart cards. In the future, it is likely that all staff supporting the dispensing of prescriptions will be required to have a smartcard. More information on local arrangements for issuing cards is available from PCTs or LPCs.

Unwanted Medicines Prompt Card:
In order to facilitate discussion with people returning unwanted medicines, PSNC has produced an unwanted medicines prompt card. The card can be downloaded from the Waste section of the PSNC website.

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