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Repeat Dispensing: Endorsing Requirements

Repeat Dispensing involves the use of a repeatable prescription (authorising) form and a number of batch issue forms. These forms will be generated by prescribers through their GP practice systems.

The Repeat Dispensing authorising form should contain prescriber, patient and prescribed medicine details and include the number of issues required and the dispensing interval (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly). The form should contain the letters "RA" on the right-hand side of the form. This form must be signed by the prescriber.

The maximum number of batch issue forms that can be issued is equivalent to 1 year duration of prescribing of an individual item. These forms should contain the same prescriber, patient and prescribed medicine details as the authorising forms and indicate in the prescribing area that the form is being used for Repeat Dispensing. These forms should include the letters "RD" on the right-hand side.

Batch Issue forms should not be signed, however, the prescriber's signature box should be annotated with text displaying the words Repeat Dispensing: XX of YY, where XX is the number of the batch issue form and YY is the total number of batch issues covered by the repeatable prescription (e.g. 1 of 6, 3 of 12 etc). The date on all of the batch issues and the repeat authorising form will be the same. 

Endorsing Requirements

Each batch issue form should be endorsed as required in the Drug Tariff Part II Clause 9. In addition each batch issue form should be stamped with the pharmacy's stamp and dated with the date on which the items were dispensed.

There is no requirement to endorse the repeat authorisation form but community pharmacies are required to maintain records of the dispensing of repeatable prescriptions in order that there is a clear audit trail in place.

Submission Process

Batch Issue Forms

Dispensed batch issue forms should be submitted to the NHS BSA at the end of each month in their correct groups, i.e. exempt or charged groups, within each monthly batch of prescriptions. The order in which these forms are to be submitted within a batch is detailed on submission Form FP34C. Initial batch issue forms (ie 1 of x) need to be sorted separately from subsequent batch issue forms (ie 2 of x, 3 of x etc), both sorted by doctor surname in alphabetical order.

Batch issue forms which have not been dispensed should not be submitted to the NHS BSA. Any forms that become time expired should be destroyed.

Repeat Authorising Forms

Authorising forms should be submitted to the NHS BSA at the end of the month in which all batch issue forms have either been dispensed or expired or the medication is no longer required. It is important that forms are sorted in the correct order as detailed on the reverse of updated form FP34C, when submitted. In any month, if any repeat authorisation forms have been submitted, tick the appropriate box on the FP34C Submission Form. There is no need to declare the number of repeat authorisation forms submitted.

More Information

NHS BSA Repeat Dispensing Guidance 

If you need further advice on this issue please contact the PSNC Information Team for support.