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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Essential Service: Repeat Dispensing

Pharmacies will dispense repeat prescriptions and store the documentation if required by the patient. They will ensure that each repeat supply is required and seek to ascertain that there is no reason why the patient should be referred back to their General Practitioner.

Service Specification

Click on the link below to download the Service Specification for Essential Service 2- Repeat Dispensing:

Repeat Dispensing Service Specification

Related Resources

Guidance on Endorsing Procedures

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

How to Get Started (Guide for Contractors)

How to Get Started (Guide for LPCs)

NPC guidance on repeat dispensing

CPPE training on repeat dispensing

National Leaflet / Consent form

A national leaflet (RD2) and a consent form (RD1) have been produced by the Department of Health to support the service. Copies of these resources can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Repeat Dispensing Leaflet for the Public (RD2) 

Repeat Dispensing Consent Form for the Public (RD1)

To obtain supplies of these resources:

Pharmacy contractors - contact your NHS England Area Team.

NHS England Area Teams - the resources are issued through the national non-secure form contract with 3M Security Printing & Systems Limited (3MSPSL). ATs can register with 3MSPSL by emailing them at: or contact the 3MSPSL help desk number: 0845 6101112. These resources can be obtained from the NHS Forms ordering website.

Information for GPs

PSNC has jointly published, with NHS Employers and the General Practitioner Committee of the BMA, a briefing document for GPs on repeat dispensing. The document has been prepared as part of the work of the Professional Relations working group that was formed as a result of an action point in the pharmacy White Paper.

Guidance for the implementation of repeat dispensing covers:

  • what the repeat dispensing service is;
  • the benefits for both patients and GPs;
  • a number of tips for GPs on successful implementation of the service; and
  • examples of the most suitable patients to gain benefits from the service, for example, those with stable, long-term conditions.

Copies of the document can be downloaded here.

The guidance document was distributed to Local Medical Committees by the GPC in January 2009. Pharmacists can use the document as a reason to initiate local discussions on repeat dispensing where these have not previously occurred.

Frequently asked questions

Can pharmacies provide a repeat dispensing service to patients from other Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) areas?

Yes, as part of the new Terms of Service, community pharmacies must provide the repeat dispensing service to any patients who present repeat dispensing prescriptions at their pharmacy, whether the prescriber is in the same CCG as the pharmacy, or another CCG.

Do I need to let my NHS England Area Team (AT) know that I have completed training to provide repeat dispensing and that my pharmacy is starting to provide repeat dispensing services?


What are the training requirements for repeat dispensing?

The service specification requires the contractor to ensure that he and his pharmacists are competent to provide repeat dispensing services. Pharmacists should also undergo appropriate training, which may for example be the CPPE focal point programme and assessment ‘NHS Repeat Dispensing', but could also be a local training pack or a pack produced, for example, by the head office of a multiple. Local workshops are of value, particularly from the perspective of developing relationships between pharmacies and GP surgeries, but attendance cannot be mandated.

Will I only be paid the repeat dispensing payment if I submit repeat dispensing prescriptions each month?

No, the repeat dispensing payments are made to pharmacies automatically by the NHS BSA every month, whether they have supplied repeat dispensing items or not. Neither the contractor nor the AT needs to do anything to claim/authorise the payments.

How do the payments for repeat dispensing work?

In addition to the fees and allowances paid for dispensing all prescriptions, pharmacies receive a Repeat Dispensing annual payment of £1,500 (£125 per month).

Does the patient need to complete the exemption declaration on both the Repeat Authorisation Form and every Batch Issue?

Patients are required to complete the exemption declaration on the back of each batch issue at the time of dispensing. A patient's exemption status may change between the first and last dispensing. There is no requirement for patients to also complete the declaration on the reverse of the Repeat Authorisation Form.

Does a repeat dispensing batch issue form have to be an exact duplicate of the repeat dispensing authorising form, e.g. if there are 4 items listed on the authorising form, does the batch issue have to be printed with the same four items on one form, or can two batch issues be printed with two of the items on each form?

The regulations do not require this to be the case so long as the pharmacist is content that the batch issues do relate to the authorising form.

I have dispensed the final batch from a patient’s repeat prescription. How do I submit the authorising (RA) form to the NHS BSA?

Authorising (RA) forms should be submitted to the NHS BSA at the end of the month in which all batch issue forms have either been dispensed or expired or the medication is no longer required.

It is important that forms are sorted for submission in the correct order as detailed on the reverse of Form FP34C. In months where repeat authorisation forms are being submitted, tick the appropriate box on the FP34C Submission Form to indicate this. There is no need to declare the number of repeat authorisation forms submitted.