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Fitness to Practise

The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013

These regulations include requirements for bodies corporate that appoint new directors or a superintendent pharmacist.  On the appointment of the new director or superintendent pharmacist, the body corporate must notify NHS England, through its Area Teams of the director or superintendent pharmacist's fitness to practise particulars and where the person is a pharmacist, provide the details of two referees.  The Area Team must be notified within 28 days of the appointment.  A template form (FtP3) has been prepared by PSNC for this purpose, and can be downloaded in Microsoft e-form format below (note: the use of this form is not mandatory). 

 Fitness to Practise notification form (Form FtP3) (MS Word e-form)


New applications to Area Teams

When an application is made for inclusion in an Area Team’s pharmaceutical list, the application must be accompanied by a Fitness to Practise declaration, unless the applicant already provided that information to NHS England or a home PCT, and the information is up to date.

Updating Area Teams

All pharmacy contractors who are the subject of new adverse fitness to practise incidents must notify their Area Teams within 7 days of the occurrence. 

PSNC has produced an ‘e-form' template, which can be completed in Microsoft Word by clicking the link below: 

Fitness to Practise Update Template (Form FtP2) (MS Word e-form) 

The Fitness to Practise forms produced by PSNC are not mandatory.

The duty to provide updated information about Fitness to Practise matters for pharmacists on pharmaceutical lists are dealt with under the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013.

All of the information that would be provided by a contractor using the PSNC Form FtP2 is either that required by the Area Team, as outlined in the Regulations, or is considered to be appropriate information to provide to the Area Team in order to serve as identifying information (e.g. Superintendent Pharmacist RPSGB registration number).

Despite the length and complexity of the template, its completion will pose no difficulty for the majority of contractors. But, if any queries do arise, that cannot be answered by either referring to the Frequently Asked Questions in the New Contract section of the PSNC website, then please email the Information Team. Queries of general interest will be added to the FAQs.


Q. I am a contractor and have been told by the General Pharmaceutical Council that I am being investigated following receipt of a serious allegation. Do I need to notify my Area Team?
A. The fitness to practise provisions in the Terms of service require contractors to notify their Area Team within 7 days of an adverse fitness to practise incident. A contractor who is under investigation by a regulatory body into his professional conduct must be reported. The FtP2 form above may be useful as a template.


Support on Fitness to Practise 

Pharmacy contractors can obtain support on this issue by contacting PSNC's Information Team.