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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee


Here you can find a selection of commonly requested forms which you may find useful.

If you are looking for the manufacturer order forms for direct supply of branded medicines please go to the Branded Shortages section of the website.

Alphabetical List of Charges, Multi Charge Card, Special Container List
These lists can be found in Dispensing resources which can be downloaded here.

Appliance Services template forms
These templates can be found in the Appliance Services section of the website or by clicking here.

Bank Holiday Hours Notification form
The form for notifying a PCT of intended bank holiday opening hours can be downloaded here.

Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire.
The forms for conducting the community pharmacy patient questionnaire aswell as a template letter for the submission of findings from the questionnaire to the PCT can be downloaded here.

Complaints Forms.
A range of model forms and documents to support responding to complaints can be downloaded here.

Controlled Drugs
A copy of the form to submit private Controlled Drug prescriptions to NHS Prescription Services can be found on their website.

DDA Toolkit

NHS Primary Care Contracting have published a Disability Discrimination Act Resource Toolkit which can be used to assess patients for auxiliary aids, which can be found here.

ETP Monthly Allowance Claim Form
The form for claiming the ongoing ETP Allowance can be downloaded from the  PSNC Website ,along with a template letter that contractor’s can use to inform NHS England if they become unable to operate the Electronic Prescription Service. They can be found here.

Fitness to Practise (FTP).
The form for contractors to notify their PCT of convictions or other fitness to practise incidents can be downloaded here.

FP10PCD Submission Document
Pharmacy contractors in England are required to submit the original FP10PCD form to NHS Prescription Services for audit purposes each month using a special submission document, FP34PCD. The equivalent original forms originating from Wales or Scotland should also be submitted.  The submission document can be downloaded from the NHS Prescription Services Website here.

Hours Notification Form.
Forms for applying for a change in a contractor’s core hours or notifying a PCT of a change in a contractor’s supplementary hours can be downloaded here.

Manufacturer Contingency Order  Forms
Order forms for the contingency supply of branded medicines can be found here.

MUR Form
The MUR form can be downloaded from here.

Pharmacy contractors must self-certify to their PCT that their consultation area meets the required standard before beginning to conduct MURs. The Premises Self-Certification Form (PREM1) and the form to apply for PCT consent to conduct an MUR away from a Pharmacy (PREM2) can be downloaded here.
The PREM 1 form can be downloaded here.
The PREM 2 form can be downloaded here.

NMS Forms
All documents relating to the New Medicine Service can be found here.

Patient Survey (Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire):
Details of organisations providing support with undertaking the survey are available here. 


PNA Pharmacy Questionnaire:
PSNC has prepared a template for the PNA pharmacy questionnaire.  This is intended for use in discussions between the LPC and the PCT, but in some cases, a PCT may ask pharmacy contractors to access this template and complete it for return to the PCT. This can be downloaded here.

Practice Leaflet:
A summary of the practice leaflet requirements and a template leaflet can be found here.

Prescription Charge Card:
PSNC distributes a prescription charge card that can be displayed in pharmacies to inform patients of the current prescription charge. Pharmacy Wales publish a Welsh version of the card. The charge card be downloaded here (this new charge card is effective as of 1st April 2012)

Pre-Registration Training Grant Form:
PSNC has developed a form which pharmacy contractors can use to apply to their PCT for payment of the Pre-Registration Training Grant.
The form can be downloaded here.

Safety Alert Record Sheet:
PSNC has produced a template record sheet to assist those contractors who wish to make a record of the alerts that have been acted upon and filed. The form can be downloaded here.



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