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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Funding & Drug Tariff


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In this section of the website you'll find a variety of information linked to the national contract funding arrangements, recent changes to the Drug Tariff and NHS Prescription Services' pricing procedures, up to date information on the NCSO concession, disallowed appliances, the prescription charge arrangements and much more.

Use the navigation bar on the left or click on the links below to access different sections: 

Drug Tariff Streamlining Measures

The PSNC has been working with the Department of Health on a number of measures to improve the operation of some of the Drug Tariff rules.  The first of these measures involved the changes to the arrangements to the payment of specials and imported unlicensed medicines introduced in November 2011.  There are further arrangements which were agreed for implementation in 2012, the first stage of these were introduced in April 2012 and the second stage came into effect in July 2012.  Further information can be found on the Drug Tariff changes section.

National Contract FundingNational Contract Funding

The  National Contract Funding section including detailed guidance on how pharmacy funding is calculated, the distribution of funds including funding for Essential and Advanced services, Category M, the EPS Allowances and Pre-registration Grant and an overview of the current funding levels.  It also contains guidance on the devolving of the Global Sum in 2010/11.



Drug Tariff Resource Centre

Dispensing Resources BookletThe Drug Tariff Resource Centre contains detailed guidance on the Drug Tariff including different NHS prescription forms, prescribing rights of different health professionals, Controlled Drugs and instalment dispensing and how reimbursement for medicines and appliances is calculated.  

PSNC regularly publishes a 'Dispensing Resources' Booklet including the Special Container List and the Alphabetical List of Charges. This can be downloaded here.


Special Container Database

The online Special Container Database contains up-to-date information on products that have been recognised by the Department of Health as being packaged in special containers. Detailed guidance on these provisions can be found in the Drug Tariff Resource Centre

Please note the calendar pack provision was removed as of 1st July 2012. 


Supply Issues/NCSO

In the Supply Issues section of the site, you'll find a list of products currently granted the NCSO Concession, a summary of branded products with recently reported supply issues and a form for reporting issues electronically to PSNC.



Distribution of Medicines

DistributionThere have been a number of recent and proposed distribution changes by leading UK medicine suppliers. In this section of the site, you'll find a summary of recent changes and up-to-date information on the outcomes of the OFT report on this issue.



NHSBSA Capacity Improvement Programme

CIP Guidance

To improve the efficiency of prescription pricing, the NHS Prescription Services has introduced an automated pricing system, known as the Capacity Improvement Programme (CIP). In this section of the site, you'll find up to date news and guidance on issues such as prescription switching, prescriptions returned for clarification and the accuracy of payment pricing.  


NHS Statistics

StatisticsIn the NHS Statistics section of the site, you'll find a variety of statistics linked to NHS community pharmacy funding, the implementation of the pharmacy contract's Advanced Services and the Electronic Prescription Service, as well as links to sources of information on general NHS Statistics.



Drug Tariff News

MedicinesDrug Tariff News can now be found in the Resources & News Section of the website.