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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

IT Skills Pathway

The IT Skills Pathway was developed to provide an officially recognised route of learning and certification for the NHS workforce. Customisable training and assessment products are available to the NHS including pharmacy contractors.

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Entry Level 

Levels 1 - 3: Intermediate to Advanced

Entry Level

The entry level programme includes basic keyboard and mouse skills through to file management, web and email skills. This is particularly useful for staff with limited previous experience of computers, for example of accessing the internet and using email or who lack confidence in using computers. The programme contains diagnostic assessment and built in post learning assessments; successful completion of the post learning assessment will allow learners to print a personalised certificate recognising that they have passed the course. The course is delivered via the IT Skills Pathway online tracking system which records delegate's progress using a simple registration and login process.

The training can be completed at home or in the workplace. To locate your closest training centre, visit the IT Skills Pathway website.

Levels 1 - 3 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Levels 1 -3 cover more in-depth training on the Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Although the learning materials, practice exams and Certification exams for levels 2 - 3 are currently free to all NHS staff and NHS contractors, the  exams, practice tests and printable learning material will no longer be funded after 1st July 2013; elearning via the IT Skills Pathway Tracking System will continue to be available free of charge.  

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