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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

NMS data requirements

The NMS data requirements have been determined along with the requirements for reporting information to NHS England (the successor body of PCTs); the requirements can be downloaded via the link below.

NMS record keeping requirements (updated 23rd September 2011)

NMS data definitions

NMS reporting template (for electronic submission to NHS England) (Microsoft Excel)

NMS reporting template (for electronic submission to NHS England) (OpenDocument spreadsheet)

This may be opened using the freely available OpenOffice software. To download this file, right click on the link and select 'Save target as...'. When the 'Save as' dialogue box opens choose a location to save the file to and ensure the documents name ends with the '.ods' suffix.

National standard codes to be used to record the ethnic group of patients

NMS Worksheets

The NMS PharmOutcomes module (see below) will allow you to record the mandatory NMS data for each patient. If you do not have access to a computer in the consultation area, or do not wish to use it during your discussion with the patient, the following NMS Worksheets can be used to record notes during the Intervention and Follow up stages of the service and code the discussion with the patient.

NMS Intervention Worksheet

NMS Follow Up Worksheet

NMS PharmOutcomes module

The NMS module in the original PharmOutcomes platform provided support to contractors in providing the NMS service, including the following functionality:

  • patient registration
  • printing consent forms
  • scheduling interventions and follow ups using a pharmacy calendar (which can also be used to manage appointments for other pharmacy services)
  • printing a patient information leaflet and appointment reminder
  • creating a task list of patient reminders to be provided prior to appointments
  • recording the mandatory dataset for the intervention and follow up
  • creating NMS Feedback forms to refer patients back to their GP practice
  • an ‘NMS dashboard’ to allow the pharmacy team to keep track of their NMS activity during the month
  • creating the quarterly reports for PCTs

The use of the module created a large dataset on the NMS which has been used to successfully argue for the extension of the service until September 2013.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) and its IT partner for the original PharmOutcomes platform, Crimson, reached an agreement in March 2013 on a license which allows Crimson to use the PharmOutcomes NMS module in their new myhealthplace platform, following the closure of the original PharmOutcomes platform in April 2013.

Use of the NMS module in the Crimson myhealthplace platform offers continuity of service to all current NMS service providers with:

  • No need to retrain staff;
  • Reporting and management information remaining the same; and
  • User names and log in details remaining the same.

If pharmacy contractors wish to continue using the NMS module, they can do this for a payment of £5 per pharmacy per month. Contractors should email for further information, or to set up access to the NMS module on the myhealthplace platform.


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