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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

NMS medicines list

Four conditions/therapy areas were selected to be included in the initial rollout of the NMS. These are:

  • asthma and COPD
  • type 2 diabetes
  • antiplatelet/anticoagulant therapy
  • hypertension

The rationale for selection of the therapy areas/conditions was twofold: first, the evidence from the original proof of concept research, and secondly on the basis that these are areas where community pharmacists are best able to demonstrate the value of the service.

For each therapy area/condition, a list of medicines has been agreed. If a patient is newly prescribed one of these medicines then they will be eligible to receive the service, subject to the pharmacist being able to determine that the medicine is being used to treat one of the above conditions in circumstances where a medicine can be used to treat multiple conditions.

New Medicine Service medicines list (May 2013)


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