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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Notifying NHS England prior to providing the NMS

Before community pharmacies can begin providing the NMS they must inform their NHS England Area Team (AT) of their intention to do so; this notification must be made using the NMS Pharmacy Contractor Declaration Form.

NMS Pharmacy Contractor Declaration Form (Microsoft Word e-form)

NMS Pharmacy Contractor Declaration Form (PDF)

Funding and claiming payment

Up to £55m was made available for the NMS in both 2011/12 and 2012/13. In 2011/12, the funding structure for NMS was made up of a combination of a fixed implementation payment (£750) and target payments. The £750 implementation payment was agreed to help with set up, training associated with delivering the service, data collection and publicity costs.

In 2012/13, the funding structure comprised target payments only. The level of the target payments depended on the achievement of activity thresholds which will be related to the prescription volume of the individual pharmacy.

On 4th April 2012 PSNC and NHS Employers announced that Department of Health Ministers had agreed changes to the New Medicine Service (NMS) payment structure. From May 2012 contractors will earn between £20 and £28 for each completed NMS they provide depending on the total number of patients who receive the service in the month. The new structure will provide reward for each NMS provided whilst also encouraging the provision of the service to the greatest number of patients.

Download details of the changes to NMS funding

In recognition of the work that contractors undertook between October 2011 and April 2012, a loyalty payment was made to contractors for activity that fell below the first target level or between target levels. Claims for completed NMS submitted for this period which fell below the first target level will be rewarded at £20 each while those which fell between bands will be rewarded at £25 per intervention.

The NMS was implemented as a time-limited service commissioned until March 2013; it would continue beyond this time if all parties agreed that the service had provided demonstrable value to the NHS. In March 2013 NHS England agreed to extend the service for a further six months. This means that community pharmacies can continue to recruit new patients to the service up until September 30th 2013 and will receive payment for these patients even where the service is completed in October or November 2013. The service specification will remain the same and a maximum of £20 million in funding will be available for it during the six-month period.

Further details on the funding for the NMS

When is the NMS complete (and payment can be claimed)?

The NHS BSA will make payments to pharmacy contractors based on their declaration of the number of completed NMS in a month. The FP34C submission document was revised by the NHS BSA and from October 2011 it contained a section where the number of NMS completed in the month can be declared. Pharmacy contractors should only declare the number of NMS completed in that submission month.


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