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PharmOutcomes logoPharmOutcomes ( is a web-based system which helps community pharmacies provide services more effectively and makes it easier for commissioners to audit and manage these services. By collating information on pharmacy services it allows local and national level analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of commissioned services, helping to improve the evidence base for community pharmacy services.

PharmOutcomes is provided by Pinnacle Health LLP in partnership with Health Information Exchange Ltd. (HIE) (whose shares are held in trust for PSNC).

The new improved PharmOutcomes system

A new, improved PharmOutcomes was launched in April 2013, which replaced the platform previously provided by HIE. 

PSNC and the Health Information Exchange (HIE) board agreed to work in partnership with Pinnacle Health LLP to launch a new improved PharmOutcomes platform to provide support for locally commissioned services and contractor assessment of compliance with the CPCF requirements (the Contract Workbook module). The new system launched at the start of April 2013.

More information on the new improved PharmOutcomes

Summary presentation on the new improved PharmOutcomes

Looped PowerPoint slide show

NMS IT support still available

The original PharmOutcomes platform included a module that supported provision of the New Medicine Service (NMS). That platform was closed on 10th April 2013, but HIE and its IT partner for the original PharmOutcomes platform, Crimson, reached an agreement in March 2013 on a license which allows Crimson to use the PharmOutcomes NMS module on their new myhealthplace platform.

Use of the NMS module in the Crimson myhealthplace platform offers continuity of service to all current NMS service providers with:

  • No need to retrain staff;
  • Reporting and management information remaining the same; and
  • User names and log in details remaining the same.

If pharmacy contractors wish to use the NMS module, they can do this for a payment of £5 per pharmacy per month. Contractors should email for further information, or to set up access to the NMS module on the myhealthplace platform.

Pharmacy contractors providing the NMS, but not wishing to use the myhealthplace platform for recording their NMS transactions, can alternatively use the NMS module in their PMR system (most main PMR systems now include an NMS module) or can use a paper based approach, for example the PSNC NMS worksheets.

More information...

Visit for more information on the platform and how it can help commissioners and community pharmacies.

Guidance on use of PharmOutcomes and technical support

Request a logon to PharmOutcomes for your pharmacy (logons from the original PharmOutcomes platform should work on the new system)

Background information on PharmOutcomes and its development



PharmOutcomes is a registered trademark of Health Information Exchange Ltd.

Health Information Exchange Ltd. Registered in England and Wales; Company number 7343096. Registered Office: Da Vinci House, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 4EQ