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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Pharmacist MUR Accreditation

Any Higher Education Institution (HEI) can provide training and competency assessments for the MUR service. A national competency framework is used as the basis for these assessments.

There are a number of providers who run courses and/or competency assessments. Additionally some academic institutions that provide post-graduate clinical programmes, such as diplomas, have ensured their courses develop and test the skills of students in order to meet the requirements of the MUR competencies.

For those pharmacists who have existing skills in this area of practice, the completion of any course prior to undertaking a competency assessment is not obligatory, i.e. pharmacists may put themselves through a competency assessment whenever they feel fit to do so. Once the course is completed, the pharmacist must send a copy of their certificate to the local NHS England Area Team before they can begin providing the MUR service.

Click on the links below for information on available courses and institutions providing competency assessments.

MUR courses with assessment

Skills for MURs (C+D, Medway School of Pharmacy and PSNC) (formerly Skills for the Future)

WCPPE/Welsh School of Pharmacy

Postgraduate courses which include MUR assessment

University of Bath - Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc

Keele University - Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Community Pharmacy and Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy for Medicines Management) Short Course

Queen's University Belfast - PG Cert/PG Dip/MSc in Community Pharmacy programme

University of Leeds - Posgraduate Certificate, Diploma, MSc

Assessments only

University of Manchester/CPPE Online assessment

University of Reading

Courses without Assessments

Pharmaceutical Resource Network

The Informacist


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