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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Prescription Checking


PSNC is strengthening its pricing audit teams and developing a new computer support system which will enable a wider range and scope for pricing audit checks and analysis of results.

PSNC pricing audit teams are now based in two locations. Our Pricing Audit Centre (formerly known as NPRC) recently relocated to premises in Enfield. We also have a Margins Survey Team at our main Central London Office.

PSNC conducts checks to verify accuracy of pricing and switching. Errors identified are reported to NHS Prescription Services, adjustments of payments are obtained when appropriate. Checking staff also note any incorrect endorsements made by the contractor and inform the contractor of this along with information on corrections made to the account.

'Prescription Checkers' Pricing Prescriptions


Analysis of the data established during these checks enables detection of trends in pricing errors and this information is used in discussions with the Department of Health & NHS Prescription Services to drive improvements in pricing accuracy.

The Information Department at the main PSNC office provides a telephone information service for contractors, with advice on subjects such as the Drug Tariff, endorsement requirements and the prescription pricing process.

The PSNC Information Team are available from 9am to 5pm.

Outside of office hours, messages can be left on an answer phone.

Support with Drug Tariff and Reimbursement Issues

For support with product-specific issues or queries linked to the accuracy of PPD payments, please contact the PSNC Information Team (0844 381 4180 or 0203 1220 810).

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