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MUR record keeping and data requirements

Advanced ServicesChanges to the MUR service record keeping and data requirements were implemented from 1st July 2012. These changes removed the need to complete the national NHS MUR form for each MUR provided, replacing this with a new requirement to keep records of each MUR provided using a national dataset. 

Pharmacy contractors must also be able to provide a summary of their MURs conducted on a quarterly basis to their NHS England Area Team, where the Area Team requests this information.

Record keeping and the MUR dataset

In order to demonstrate the value of the MUR service it is essential that data are collected to show the benefits to patients. The requirements to use the MUR form to record the MUR consultation and to give a copy of the completed form to the patient were removed on 1st July 2012. They were replaced by a requirement for contractors to capture and retain an MUR dataset for every MUR undertaken:

Information to be collected during an MUR (the MUR dataset)

The data collected from each MUR needs to be kept for two years from the date the service is completed and may be stored electronically.

Pharmacists may wish to keep additional clinical records over and above the MUR dataset to support their ongoing care of the patient.

MUR Worksheet

PSNC has developed an MUR Worksheet for use when providing an MUR. Contractors / pharmacists are free to develop their own approach to making records of MURs as long as they ensure they collect the MUR dataset as a minimum.

PSNC MUR Worksheet (Microsoft Word)

PSNC MUR Worksheet (PDF)

Reporting information on the MUR service to your NHS England Area Team (AT)

Pharmacy contractors are required, upon request, to provide information to their AT on the MURs undertaken in the previous quarter. Where an AT requests this information, each pharmacy providing MURs must complete the nationally agreed electronic reporting template (a standard spreadsheet - see below) by collating the necessary data from pharmacy records for the MURs conducted in that quarter. The request from the AT may be an ongoing request.

Data to be collated on MURs in the MUR electronic reporting template

Pharmacies must send the completed electronic reporting template to the AT after the end of 10 working days from the last day of that quarter (last day of June, September, December and March). The data to be contained in the electronic reporting template is described in the following document:

MUR data definitions

MUR electronic reporting template (for submission to ATs) (Microsoft Excel)

MUR electronic reporting template (for submission to ATs) (OpenDocument spreadsheet)

This may be opened using the freely available OpenOffice software. To download this file, right click on the link and select 'Save target as...'. When the 'Save as' dialogue box opens choose a location to save the file to and ensure the documents name ends with the '.ods' suffix.

PSNC has developed an Excel spreadsheet which will allow pharmacy contractors to collate the necessary data from pharmacy records of MURs each quarter for submission to the AT:

PSNC spreadsheet for collation of AT Quarterly data

Alternatively a paper based approach can be taken to collating this data throughout the quarter, so that you can complete the spreadsheet for emailing to the AT at the end of the quarter. The following form has been designed to allow this paper based collation of data:

PSNC MUR data collation sheet (Microsoft Word)

PSNC MUR data collation sheet (PDF)


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