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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee


Healthcare commissioning is the process by which the health needs of a population are assessed, the responsibility is taken for ensuring that appropriate services are available to meet these needs, and the accountability for the associated health outcomes is established.

PBC IconPractice based commissioning transfers these responsibilities, along with the associated budget from the PCT, to primary care clinicians, including nurses, with the PCT acting as their agent to undertake any required procurement and administrative tasks to underpin these processes.

More information can be found in the Commissioning section of the site or click on the links below to download copies of publications linked to PBC:

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SLA and Contract Briefing (2009) - 8 July 2010
Commissioning - 28 May 2009
Sources of Funding Guide (2005) - 17 April 2008
PBC: A Practical Guide for LPCs - 17 April 2008
PBC Briefing (2005) - 17 April 2008
PBC: A Practical Guide for Pharmacy Contractors - 6 March 2008