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Contract Monitoring


Many pharmacy contractors use the PSNC Contract Workbook as a self assessment tool to check their compliance with the terms of service and to record information for use during PCT contract monitoring visits. 

PSNC decided not to produce a printed version for 2010/11, but instead to develop an on-line version; this is part of the PharmaBase system announced by PSNC at the LPC Conference.  For more details see 

As with the hard copy Contract Workbook, the PharmaBase module will allow contractors to assess their compliance with the terms of service and it will also include advice on contractual matters and hyperlinks to resource documents. Once contractors have completed the online Contract Workbook, PharmaBase will automatically use the inputted information to create a completed copy of the Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) pre-visit questionnaire, which is used by most PCTs for contract monitoring. 

PSNC will be rolling out PharmaBase in early 2011 and we hope to provide all contractors with access to the online Contract Workbook in April 2011. 

For those contractors that want to monitor their compliance with the contractual framework now, i.e. those pharmacies that are expecting PCT monitoring visits in the next three months, the 2009 – 2010 version of the Contract Workbook still provides a good foundation. It can be downloaded here. 

PSNC has no stock left of the hardcopy version of the 2009-10 Contract Workbook.

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