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Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

Annual Reports

29 September 2008

PSNC Annual Reports can be downloaded (in PDF format) by clicking on the links below. The reports outline the work of the Committee and include information on NHS Remuneration, PSNC in the political arena, PSNC's work to support contractors and LPCs and the PSNC financial statements.

Please note that the 2003-04 Annual Report is only available in hard copy. Please contact the PSNC office if you would like a copy of this report (subject to availability).


Some publications downloads require Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.

Annual Report 2011-12 (774 KB)
Annual Report 2010-11 (1 MB)
Annual Report 2009-10 (1 MB)
Annual Report 2008-09 (1 MB)
Annual Report 2007-08 (673 KB)
Annual Report 2006-07 (816 KB)
Annual Report 2005-06 (2 MB)
Annual Report 2004-05 (947 KB)
Annual Report 2002-03 (1 MB)
Annual Report 2001-02 (286 KB)