Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
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Services database archive

Service ID Title Status Location Start date View
104Advice to Care Homes completeCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2007-10-01
108Advice to Care Homes completePlymouth Teaching PCT2007-04-00
109Advice to Care Homes completeTorbay Care Trust0000-00-00
128Advice to Care Homes ongoingLeeds PCT2006-04-01
259Advice to Care Homes ongoingDoncaster PCT2009-10-01
260Advice to Care Homes ongoingOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
284Advice to Care Homes -- SELECT --Calderdale PCT0000-00-00
307Advice to Care Homes decommissionedBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
312Advice to Care Homes decommissionedGloucestershire PCT2009-03-01
328Advice to Care Homes ongoingWarwickshire PCT2009-12-02
355Advice to Care Homes ongoingDorset PCT2009-04-01
357Advice to Care Homes decommissionedCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2007-04-01
374Advice to Care Homes ongoingBarnsley PCT2010-07-01
485Advice to Care Homes ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-04-01
489Advice to Care Homes ongoingBassetlaw PCT2010-04-01
501Advice to Care Homes completeNottinghamshire County PCT2009-04-01
517Advice to Care Homes ongoingSwindon PCT2010-04-01
540Advice to Care Homes ongoingBerkshire East PCT2010-09-01
551Advice to Care Homes - Level 1 and Level 2 provision ongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2007-02-01
742Alcohol Audit and interventionongoingPortsmouth City Teaching PCT2010-10-01
531Alcohol Identification & Brief Advice - Pharmacists with Special InterestsongoingSurrey PCT2010-09-01
373Alcohol identification and Brief Advice Support and Guidance PilotongoingBlackpool PCT2010-03-01
258Alcohol Intervention and AwarenessongoingHampshire PCT2009-09-24
648Alcohol Screening - Brief Intervention and Advice (pilot)ongoingCounty Durham PCT2010-09-01
649Alcohol Screening - Brief Intervention and Advice (pilot)ongoingDarlington PCT2010-09-01
126Alcohol Screening and Brief InterventionongoingWirral PCT2007-10-01
240Alcohol Screening and Brief InterventioncompleteLeeds PCT2007-01-00
244Alcohol Screening and Brief InterventioncompleteLincolnshire PCT2008-10-01
368Alcohol Screening and Brief InterventionongoingDevon PCT2010-04-01
696Anti-coagulant Service ongoingNewham PCT2010-06-01
285Anticoagulation Medication DispensingongoingEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2007-04-30
13Anticoagulation MonitoringongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2007-09-10
56Anticoagulation MonitoringongoingKnowsley PCT2007-09-18
57Anticoagulation MonitoringongoingSheffield PCT2007-09-18
230Antiviral DistributionongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT0000-00-00
219Antiviral DistributionongoingBury PCT2008-10-01
228Antiviral DistributionongoingPortsmouth City Teaching PCT2009-05-21
227Antiviral DistributionongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2009-05-01
236Antiviral DistributioncompleteWestminster PCT2009-07-01
242Antiviral DistributionongoingSutton & Merton PCT2009-05-07
246Antiviral DistributionongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-07-01
247Antiviral DistributioncompleteEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2009-07-01
248Antiviral DistributionongoingOxfordshire PCT2009-05-01
249Antiviral DistributionongoingSwindon PCT2009-07-13
250Antiviral DistributionongoingWiltshire PCT2009-07-31
299Antiviral DistributionongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
366Antiviral DistributionongoingStockton on Tees PCT2009-11-16
329Antiviral Distribution ongoingWarwickshire PCT2009-08-17
336Antiviral Distribution completeTorbay Care Trust2009-07-01
338Antiviral Distribution completePlymouth Teaching PCT2009-07-01
345Antiviral Distribution ongoingDoncaster PCT2009-06-01
430Antiviral Distribution ongoingSurrey PCT2009-07-01
558Antiviral Distribution completeLeeds PCT2009-06-15
568Antiviral Distribution completeBradford & Airedale PCT2009-10-01
8Aseptic Dispensing of pre-filled syringes ongoingDerbyshire County PCT2006-08-01
682Asthma Management Service ongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
58Asthma Review and Management Service - CHARM ongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2006-01-06
700Bank holiday opening completeTower Hamlets PCT2008-08-20
494C-card Scheme - Condom Distribution ongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
495C-card Scheme - Condom Distribution ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
663C-card Service ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2008-08-01
369Cancer Awareness - Promoting the NHS Breast Screening ProgrammecompleteWestminster PCT2009-11-18
382Cancer Awareness - Skin and Bowel CancerongoingMid Essex PCT2010-04-23
754Care Homes ServiceongoingSheffield PCT2011-03-01
103Care Staff Assisting with MedicationongoingMiddlesbrough PCT0000-00-00
587Cellulitis Drugs Service - On Demand Availability ongoingDoncaster PCT2010-11-01
429Chlamydia - Grab Bins in Pharmacies ongoingDevon PCT2010-07-01
1Chlamydia ScreeningongoingAshton, Leigh & Wigan PCT2007-09-10
3Chlamydia Screening ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2007-09-10
55Chlamydia ScreeningongoingManchester PCT2007-09-18
59Chlamydia Screening ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
115Chlamydia Screening ongoingMedway Teaching PCT2008-08-01
142Chlamydia ScreeningongoingLeeds PCT2008-07-01
172Chlamydia ScreeningongoingNorth Yorkshire & York PCT2008-11-14
173Chlamydia ScreeningongoingTameside & Glossop PCT2008-11-01
174Chlamydia ScreeningongoingOldham PCT2008-11-01
188Chlamydia ScreeningongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2008-12-01
348Chlamydia ScreeningongoingPlymouth Teaching PCT2009-09-01
232Chlamydia ScreeningongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-04-01
280Chlamydia ScreeningongoingCalderdale PCT2008-03-01
301Chlamydia ScreeningongoingEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2009-11-02
390Chlamydia Screening completeBradford & Airedale PCT2009-04-01
393Chlamydia Screening ongoingTorbay Care Trust2010-04-01
403Chlamydia Screening decommissionedNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
436Chlamydia Screening ongoingSheffield PCT2008-07-01
474Chlamydia screening ongoingSolihull Care Trust2010-01-01
493Chlamydia Screening decommissionedNottingham City PCT2009-04-01
594Chlamydia screening ongoingWakefield District PCT2010-04-01
611Chlamydia Screening ongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
672Chlamydia Screening ongoingHartlepool PCT2007-12-01
671Chlamydia Screening ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2007-12-01
651Chlamydia Screening ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2007-07-01
652Chlamydia Screening ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2007-07-01
723Chlamydia Screening ongoingDudley PCT2010-07-01
727Chlamydia screening ongoingRichmond & Twickenham PCT2008-05-01
739Chlamydia Screening ongoingEast Lancashire PCT2011-03-07
349Chlamydia Screening - Grab Bins ongoingPlymouth Teaching PCT2009-09-01
532Chlamydia Screening - PilotongoingTelford & Wrekin PCT2010-04-01
545Chlamydia Screening - pilot completeBerkshire East PCT2009-11-01
726Chlamydia screening - pilot completeKingston PCT2008-06-01
728Chlamydia Screening - Pilot completePortsmouth City Teaching PCT2010-06-01
512Chlamydia screening - two pilots ongoingOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
106Chlamydia Screening and TreatmentongoingDevon PCT2010-07-01
146Chlamydia Screening and TreatmentongoingCamden PCT2008-08-01
270Chlamydia screening and treatmentongoingSouth West Essex PCT2009-04-01
287Chlamydia Screening and TreatmentongoingMedway Teaching PCT2008-11-01
314Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2008-01-00
300Chlamydia screening and treatment ongoingHastings & Rother PCT2008-04-01
330Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingWarwickshire PCT2009-04-01
417Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingSurrey PCT2010-03-30
608Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingKensington & Chelsea PCT2010-04-01
609Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingWestminster PCT2010-04-01
679Chlamydia Screening and Treatment ongoingTrafford PCT2009-09-01
713Chlamydia screening and treatment completeSefton PCT2009-12-15
725Chlamydia screening and treatment completeHampshire PCT2008-10-01
413Chlamydia Screening for young people aged 15-24ongoingHertfordshire PCT2009-04-01
467Chlamydia testing and treatmentongoingNewcastle PCT2010-06-01
577Chlamydia testing and treatment ongoingIslington PCT2010-10-01
681Chlamydia testing and treatment ongoingSouth Staffordshire PCT2010-04-01
444Chlamydia treatment ongoingDorset PCT2009-05-01
515Chlamydia Treatment completeWiltshire PCT2008-04-01
254Chlamydia Treatment under PGDongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-07-01
167Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)completeCounty Durham PCT2008-06-01
315Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)ongoingLeicestershire County & Rutland PCT2008-04-01
439Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - Spirometry Testing (Pilot) ongoingSheffield PCT2009-12-01
11Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Inhaler supportongoingRichmond & Twickenham PCT2006-11-01
434Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease screeningongoingMid Essex PCT2010-10-16
171Controlled Drugs Records CardscompleteBolton PCT2008-01-00
731COPD - Healthy Lung Screening ongoingMid Essex PCT2010-10-14
94Diabetes ServicedecommissionedCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2008-06-06
313Disposal of Used Sharps ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-04-01
597Domiciliary MURs - pilotongoingDevon PCT2010-05-01
698Domicillary Anticoagulant Service ongoingNewham PCT2010-08-01
346Dry Blood Spot Testing Service to include Syphilis and HIVongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2009-12-01
331Durogesic Returns SchemeongoingWarwickshire PCT2007-10-01
283Effective Intervention SchemeongoingCalderdale PCT2006-10-01
86EHC including Chlamydia ScreeningongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2008-04-01
129EHC including Chlamydia screeningongoingLeeds PCT2006-10-01
105EHC including Chlamydia treatmentongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2008-02-00
661Emergency Eye Care completeStockton on Tees PCT2008-02-18
650Emergency Eye Care completeMiddlesbrough PCT2010-01-01
24Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingBexley Care Trust2004-08-01
27Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingBromley PCT2003-01-31
32Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2005-12-01
43Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingSolihull Care Trust2009-10-26
50Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2007-09-12
60Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingLambeth PCT2004-04-01
70Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingWarwickshire PCT2009-03-01
110Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingPlymouth Teaching PCT2007-01-00
111Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingTorbay Care Trust2008-04-00
119Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingSwindon PCT2008-04-01
716Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingSefton PCT2011-02-14
198Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2005-01-00
316Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2009-11-02
170Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingBolton PCT2008-01-31
177Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingDevon PCT2008-10-01
190Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingDorset PCT2008-10-00
395Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingBassetlaw PCT2008-04-01
222Emergency Hormonal ContraceptioncompletePeterborough PCT2009-01-01
261Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
281Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingCalderdale PCT2007-01-01
317Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-02
356Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-12-01
453Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingBlackpool PCT2009-09-01
383Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
379Emergency Hormonal ContraceptioncompleteLeicestershire County & Rutland PCT2009-01-01
389Emergency Hormonal Contraception completeBradford & Airedale PCT2008-04-01
407Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingWestern Cheshire PCT2009-04-01
409Emergency Hormonal ContraceptionongoingCentral & Eastern Cheshire PCT2009-04-01
576Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingIslington PCT2010-10-01
458Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingNorth Lancashire PCT2010-04-01
491Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
496Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
524Emergency Hormonal Contraception completeSurrey PCT2009-04-01
533Emergency Hormonal Contraception completeTelford & Wrekin PCT2008-04-01
560Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingShropshire County PCT2007-09-01
561Emergency Hormonal Contraception completeBrighton & Hove City PCT2007-04-01
584Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingDoncaster PCT2009-09-01
595Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingWakefield District PCT2010-04-01
603Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingWestminster PCT2007-04-01
607Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingCamden PCT2009-04-01
631Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingRichmond & Twickenham PCT2010-04-01
657Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2007-12-01
658Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2007-12-01
678Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingTrafford PCT2010-04-01
687Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
712Emergency Hormonal Contraception completeWaltham Forest PCT2008-12-01
740Emergency Hormonal Contraception ongoingEast Lancashire PCT2011-03-09
677Emergency Hormonal Contraception (14-17 year olds) ongoingSheffield PCT2009-12-01
431Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) under a PGDongoingWest Sussex PCT2008-04-01
394Emergency Hormonal Contraception - Plan BongoingNewcastle PCT2010-04-01
548Emergency Hormonal Contraception for over 20's ongoingBerkshire West PCT2010-08-01
690Emergency Hormonal Contraception for under 25 year olds ongoingBarking & Dagenham PCT2010-11-01
743Emergency Hormonal Contraception ServiceongoingHerefordshire PCT2011-01-20
691Enhanced Sexual Health Service ongoingBarking & Dagenham PCT2010-11-01
426Enhanced Sexual Health Service incl LARCongoingNewcastle PCT2010-04-01
388Eprise - prescription interventionsongoingCoventry Teaching PCT2006-04-01
665Extended Opening Hours ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2009-12-01
760Falls Intervention ServiceongoingHertfordshire PCT2012-03-30
537Falls Prevention - MUR ongoingNorfolk PCT2010-03-01
318Falls Prevention Report decommissionedEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2007-04-00
141Gluten Free Food SupplyongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2005-12-12
292Gluten Free Food SupplyongoingCumbria PCT2009-09-01
293Gluten Free Food SupplyongoingNorthamptonshire PCT2009-04-01
748Gluten-Free Food SupplyongoingBedfordshire PCT2011-07-20
5H. Pylori eradication and dyspepsia managementdecommissionedSheffield PCT2007-09-10
62H. Pylori TestingongoingHammersmith & Fulham PCT2005-03-01
239Health TrainersongoingEast Lancashire PCT2009-01-02
319Health Trainers ongoingNottingham City PCT2009-11-24
534Health Trainers completeTelford & Wrekin PCT2008-04-01
226Hepatitis B and C vaccinationongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2009-05-01
747Hepatitis Testing SchemeongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2011-06-06
746Hepititis B & C - Dry Blood Spot TestingongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2011-04-01
234HPV VaccinationongoingWestminster PCT2009-07-08
350Influenza A (H1N1) vaccinationongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2009-11-06
759Influenza ImmunisationongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2011-10-01
67Intervention Scheme ongoingRotherham PCT2007-09-19
68Intervention Scheme completeDevon PCT2007-09-19
477Level 2 Stop Smoking Service ProvisionongoingBlackburn with Darwen Teaching PCT2010-11-01
573MAR Chart preparation ongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2010-04-01
563MAR Chart Scheme completeLeeds PCT2009-11-01
216Medication Administration Record (MAR) ongoingHounslow PCT2009-02-01
289Medication Administration Record (MAR)ongoingEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2008-04-01
385Medication Administration Record (MAR)ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
528Medication Administration Records (MAR Charts) completeWest Sussex PCT2007-09-01
422Medication Management Systems (Pilot Scheme)completeBarnsley PCT2008-04-01
231Medicine Management SupportongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-04-01
183Medicines Assessment & Compliance SupportongoingTorbay Care Trust2006-04-00
593Medicines Management Support ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
605Medicines Support - Tailored Dispensing Service (Pilot) ongoingWestminster PCT2009-04-01
214Medicines Use Review PLUSongoingHounslow PCT2009-02-01
220Medicines Use Review PLUSongoingSurrey PCT2009-04-01
352Medicines Use Review PLUS - discharged patientsongoingSouth Staffordshire PCT2009-04-01
341Medicines Use Review PLUS - OsteoporosisongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2008-11-01
202Medicines Use Review PLUS - paediatric asthmacompleteIsle of Wight NHS PCT2009-02-01
238Mental Health - MIESongoingSheffield PCT2008-12-01
564Minor Ailment Scheme ongoingLeeds PCT2005-04-01
500Minor Ailment Scheme - Pharmacy First (pilot) completeNottinghamshire County PCT2009-10-01
692Minor Ailment Scheme - The Pharmacy First Scheme ongoingBarking & Dagenham PCT2010-04-01
575Minor Ailment Service ongoingIslington PCT2010-10-01
454Minor Ailment Service ongoingBlackpool PCT2009-04-01
470Minor Ailment Service ongoingNorth Lincolnshire PCT2009-12-01
535Minor Ailment Service completeTelford & Wrekin PCT2009-04-01
711Minor Ailment Service ongoingWaltham Forest PCT2010-03-01
702Minor Ailment Service - Pharmacy First Scheme ongoingTower Hamlets PCT2010-04-01
569Minor Ailment Service - 2 year pilot scheme completeKirklees PCT2008-12-01
715Minor Ailment Service - Care at the Chemist ongoingSefton PCT2003-04-01
738Minor Ailment Service - Pharmacy First ongoingEast Lancashire PCT2011-03-07
14Minor Ailments decommissionedDerbyshire County PCT2007-09-10
63Minor Ailments ongoingSheffield PCT2002-02-02
88Minor AilmentsongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2003-10-23
113Minor AilmentsongoingSouth Birmingham PCT2008-06-30
127Minor AilmentscompleteLeicester City PCT2004-06-01
196Minor AilmentsongoingDorset PCT2008-04-01
197Minor Ailments ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2005-01-00
217Minor AilmentsongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
241Minor AilmentsongoingSutton & Merton PCT2009-06-01
267Minor AilmentscompleteSouth East Essex PCT2008-10-01
268Minor AilmentsongoingMid Essex PCT2009-04-01
282Minor AilmentsongoingCalderdale PCT2008-01-01
298Minor Ailments ongoingCambridgeshire PCT2009-10-26
302Minor AilmentsdecommissionedHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-02
153Minor Ailments - Care at the ChemistongoingBury PCT2007-09-23
31Minor Ailments - Chloramphenicol Eye DropscompleteGreenwich Teaching PCT2005-12-01
34Minor Ailments - HayfeverongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2005-12-01
286Minor Ailments - HayfevercompleteWest Kent PCT2009-04-01
23Minor Ailments - Homeless decommissionedBlackburn with Darwen Teaching PCT2006-08-01
22Minor Ailments - Pharmacy First ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2004-10-01
91Minor Ailments - Pharmacy FirstongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2008-05-01
114Minor Ailments - Pharmacy FirstongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2004-06-01
166Minor Ailments - Pharmacy FirstongoingBolton PCT2008-03-17
371Minor Ailments - Pharmacy First completeNorth Tyneside PCT2009-03-31
233Minor Ailments - Think Pharmacy FirstongoingNewcastle PCT2009-05-01
433Minor Ailments - Urgent Care Pilot completeEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2008-12-15
64Minor Ailments Scheme - Pharmacy First ongoingNottingham City PCT2007-09-19
15Minor Ailments ServiceongoingWestminster PCT2005-05-01
411Minor Ailments Service completeCentral & Eastern Cheshire PCT2008-04-01
683Minor Ailments Service ongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
294Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)ongoingEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2008-04-01
325Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)ongoingHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-02
596MRSA Decolonisation ongoingWakefield District PCT2010-04-01
565MUR+ Asthma Medicines Check up ongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2010-01-01
428Naloxone Support ServiceongoingWales2009-10-01
446Needle & Syringe Exchange ongoingAshton, Leigh & Wigan PCT2011-01-01
457Needle & Syringe Exchange ongoingNorth Lancashire PCT2010-04-01
463Needle & Syringe Exchange ongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2005-04-01
466Needle & Syringe Exchange ongoingHerefordshire PCT2008-08-12
482Needle & Syringe Exchange ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-04-01
732Needle & Syringe ExchangeongoingHull Teaching PCT2011-04-01
507Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingSwindon PCT2009-08-01
29Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingBromley PCT2005-09-01
42Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingSolihull Care Trust2009-12-30
45Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingNorfolk PCT2001-01-01
97Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2001-01-01
160Needle and Syringe Exchange completeBradford & Airedale PCT2007-04-00
169Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
189Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingDorset PCT2006-01-00
212Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingWest Sussex PCT2008-07-01
276Needle and syringe ExchangeongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
303Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-02
400Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
326Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-04-01
384Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2007-04-01
405Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
450Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingNorth Yorkshire & York PCT2008-03-01
503Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingNorthumberland Care Trust2010-05-01
510Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingOxfordshire PCT2010-04-01
526Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingWiltshire PCT2009-04-01
542Needle and Syringe Exchange completeBerkshire East PCT2009-04-01
554Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2009-04-01
557Needle and Syringe Exchange completeLeeds PCT2006-04-01
566Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingSurrey PCT2010-08-01
570Needle and Syringe Exchange completeKirklees PCT2009-04-01
574Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2010-04-01
591Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingHull Teaching PCT2010-04-01
592Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingDevon PCT2009-04-01
598Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingTorbay Care Trust2010-04-01
612Needle and Syringe ExchangeongoingCamden PCT2010-04-01
675Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2008-04-01
676Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2008-04-01
660Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2008-10-01
685Needle and Syringe Exchange completeWandsworth Teaching PCT2009-04-01
695Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingNewham PCT2007-07-11
703Needle and Syringe Exchange completeTower Hamlets PCT2008-11-01
720Needle and Syringe Exchange completeSefton PCT2007-04-01
736Needle and Syringe Exchange ongoingEast Lancashire PCT2011-04-01
664Needle and Syringe Exchange - pilot ongoingHartlepool PCT2008-10-01
752Needle ExchangeongoingBlackpool PCT2011-10-21
306NHS Health Check ongoingCoventry Teaching PCT2009-10-01
99NHS Health Check/Vascular Risk Assessment decommissionedLeicester City PCT2008-02-01
521NHS Health Checks ongoingGateshead PCT2010-11-09
522NHS Health Checks ongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2010-04-01
523NHS Health Checks ongoingSunderland Teaching PCT2010-04-01
529NHS Health Checks ongoingSwindon PCT2010-01-01
580NHS Health Checks ongoingIslington PCT2010-03-01
602NHS Health ChecksongoingKensington & Chelsea PCT2009-07-01
504NHS Health Checks - Phase One (pilot) ongoingNorth Yorkshire & York PCT2010-06-10
606NHS Health Checks - Vascular Risk Assessments ongoingWestminster PCT2010-04-01
204NHS Health Checks / Vascular Risk AssessmentongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-01-01
613NHS Health Checks / Vascular Risk Assessments completeCamden PCT2009-04-01
656NHS Health Checks/Vascular Risk Assessments ongoingHartlepool PCT2009-11-01
655NHS Health Checks/Vascular Risk Assessments ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2009-11-01
654NHS Health Checks/Vascular Risk Assessments ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2009-11-01
653NHS Health Checks/Vascular Risk Assessments ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2009-11-01
151Not Dispensed SchemecompleteDevon PCT2008-01-01
156Not Dispensed SchemeongoingLeicestershire County & Rutland PCT2006-12-01
347Not Dispensed SchemeongoingShropshire County PCT2009-09-01
229Not Dispensed SchemecompleteCambridgeshire PCT2008-08-01
437Not Dispensed Scheme ongoingSheffield PCT2008-11-01
344Not Dispensed Scheme ongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2003-10-01
332Not Dispensed Scheme ongoingWarwickshire PCT2009-04-01
399Not Dispensed SchemeongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
755NRT Voucher DispensingongoingSheffield PCT2011-07-01
412One to One Stop Smoking Service completeCentral & Eastern Cheshire PCT2009-04-01
425Out of Hours - Access to Medicines - Level 2 (24 hour on-call)completeHastings & Rother PCT2009-04-01
530Out of Hours - Access to Medicines on Special Bank Holidays ongoingBradford & Airedale PCT2007-10-01
362Out of Hours - Call outongoingDorset PCT2009-04-01
363Out of Hours - RotaongoingDorset PCT2009-04-01
488Out of Hours - RotaongoingBassetlaw PCT2010-04-01
221Out of Hours Access to MedicinesongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
235Out of Hours Access to MedicinesongoingWestminster PCT2009-07-08
335Out of Hours Access to Medicines ongoingTorbay Care Trust2008-06-01
473Out of Hours Access to Medicines (Rota Services)ongoingSolihull Care Trust2009-01-22
311Out of Hours Access to Medicines - Availability of Specialist Medicines ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-04-01
310Out of Hours Access to Medicines - Call Out Scheme ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-04-01
25Palliative CareongoingBexley Care Trust2006-04-01
26Palliative Care ongoingBromley PCT2001-04-01
36Palliative Care ongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2004-12-01
200Palliative CareongoingBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT0000-00-00
44Palliative CareongoingSolihull Care Trust2004-01-01
122Palliative CareongoingSwindon PCT2008-04-01
132Palliative CareongoingLeeds PCT2008-01-00
378Palliative CareongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
162Palliative CarecompleteBradford & Airedale PCT2008-02-01
201Palliative CareongoingCalderdale PCT2007-09-01
199Palliative CareongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2008-10-00
215Palliative Care ongoingHounslow PCT2009-02-01
251Palliative CareongoingNorth Lancashire PCT2010-04-01
269Palliative Care ongoingMid Essex PCT2006-11-01
288Palliative CareongoingMedway Teaching PCT2009-04-01
308Palliative CareongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
322Palliative Care ongoingWest Sussex PCT2009-04-01
320Palliative CareongoingEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2009-08-01
333Palliative Care ongoingWarwickshire PCT2006-05-23
360Palliative Care ongoingDorset PCT2009-04-01
361Palliative Care ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2009-04-01
451Palliative CareongoingBournemouth & Poole PCT2010-04-01
455Palliative Care ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2008-01-01
484Palliative Care ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-04-01
497Palliative Care ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2008-04-01
520Palliative Care completeWiltshire PCT2008-04-01
539Palliative Care ongoingBolton PCT2008-11-01
541Palliative Care ongoingBerkshire East PCT2010-04-01
550Palliative Care ongoingBerkshire West PCT2010-10-01
555Palliative Care completeEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2008-04-01
572Palliative Care completeKirklees PCT2008-04-01
583Palliative Care ongoingDoncaster PCT2007-10-04
590Palliative Care ongoingHull Teaching PCT2010-04-01
601Palliative Care ongoingKensington & Chelsea PCT2008-12-23
684Palliative Care ongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
688Palliative Care completeBarking & Dagenham PCT2009-04-01
704Palliative Care ongoingTower Hamlets PCT2008-07-01
257Palliative Care - 'Just in case' boxesongoingBlackpool PCT2009-10-01
321Palliative Care - 'Just in Case' boxes ongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2006-01-00
396Palliative Care - Availability of Specialist DrugsongoingBassetlaw PCT2009-12-01
680Palliative Care - Medicines Supply Service ongoingTrafford PCT2008-12-01
423Palliative Care - On Demand Availability of Palliative Care Drugs Level 2 - Just in Case (JIC) BoxescompleteHastings & Rother PCT2009-04-01
410Palliative Care Medicines Support Service ongoingCentral & Eastern Cheshire PCT2008-12-01
4Parkinson's Disease ongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2004-01-01
52Parkinson's Disease ongoingHalton & St Helens PCT2007-09-14
359Parkinsons Disease - pilot onlycompleteCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2009-04-01
525Pharmacist Independent Prescriber Pilot completeSwindon PCT2008-10-01
461Pharmacist not-dispensed, dose rationalisation and discharge support schemeongoingNewcastle PCT2010-06-01
10Pharmacist PrescribingongoingLincolnshire PCT2002-02-01
51Pharmacist PrescribingongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2007-09-14
475Pharmacy Access Scheme to supply Nicotine Replacement TherapycompleteSolihull Care Trust2009-08-01
438Pharmacy Public Health Campaigns 2010-2011 ongoingSheffield PCT2010-05-24
514Pharmacy Rota Service completeOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
476Pharmacy Support to Stop Advisor SchemeongoingNorth Somerset PCT2004-04-01
107Phlebotomy serviceongoingCoventry Teaching PCT2008-01-31
735Pivotell Electronic Medication Dispenser - pilot scheme ongoingNorth East Essex PCT2011-02-01
149Point of Care TestingcompleteStockport PCT2006-08-00
152Point of Care TestingongoingOldham PCT2006-01-01
693Point of Care Testing for HIV - pilot ongoingNewham PCT2010-09-01
710Pregnancy testing and early booking ongoingWaltham Forest PCT2010-10-01
662Pregnancy testing and support for young people ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2008-08-01
492Pregnancy Testing in the Pharmacy ongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
509Preparation of Medication Record Charts ongoingHull Teaching PCT2010-04-01
277Public Health CampaignongoingCoventry Teaching PCT2009-03-16
714Public Holiday and Sunday Rota ServiceongoingSefton PCT2009-04-01
100Quality and Outcomes FrameworkongoingDoncaster PCT2008-04-00
441Rapid review of the evidence for the role of community pharmacists in vascular risk assessment completeWales2009-01-00
252Repeat Supply of Contraceptive Pills and Patches ongoingHull Teaching PCT2009-07-01
581Rota Service - Bank Holidays ongoingCamden PCT2011-04-01
582Rota Service - Bank Holidays ongoingIslington PCT2011-04-01
544Rota Service - for Bank Holidays ongoingBerkshire East PCT2010-04-01
559Script Saving Scheme (Waste reduction) ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-08-01
758Seasonal Flu VaccinationongoingOldham PCT2011-11-30
756Seasonal Influenza & Pneumococcal ImmunisationongoingSheffield PCT2011-11-01
102Seasonal Influenza - Oseltamivir PGDongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2008-10-00
749Seasonal Influenza Immunisation ProgrammeongoingGateshead PCT2011-12-01
751Seasonal Influenza Immunisation ProgrammeongoingSunderland Teaching PCT2011-12-01
750Seasonal Influenza Immunisation ProgrammeongoingSouth Tyneside PCT2011-12-01
16Seasonal Influenza VaccinationongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2005-09-10
33Seasonal Influenza VaccinationongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2004-09-01
116Seasonal Influenza VaccinationongoingHeywood, Middleton & Rochdale PCT2007-12-03
364Seasonal Influenza Vaccination completeBarnet PCT2006-09-01
365Seasonal Influenza Vaccination ongoingLeicester City PCT2008-08-01
391Seasonal Influenza Vaccination completeBradford & Airedale PCT2009-04-01
604Seasonal Influenza Vaccination ongoingWestminster PCT2010-09-01
701Seasonal Influenza Vaccination completeTower Hamlets PCT2009-09-01
734Seasonal Influenza Vaccination completeIsle of Wight NHS PCT2010-09-01
278Sexual Health ongoingNorth East Essex PCT2008-08-01
340Sexual HealthongoingNorfolk PCT2009-11-24
427Sexual HealthongoingHastings & Rother PCT2005-09-06
339Sexual Health - Condom Distribution Service (CDS)ongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2009-11-25
262Sexual Health - EHC, C-card, Chlamydia, Pregnancy TestsongoingMid Essex PCT2009-04-01
271Sexual Health - EHC, C-card, Chlamydia, Pregnancy TestsongoingWest Essex PCT2009-04-01
549Sexual Health - Integrated (Bundled Services) ongoingBerkshire West PCT2010-06-01
468Sexual Health - Level 1 : advice & signposting and Chlamydia screening (pick up bins)ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-08-01
469Sexual Health - Level 2 : advice, EHC, Chlamydia screening & treatment and C-card Condom distribution ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-08-01
290Sexual Health - Oral Contraceptive SupplyongoingManchester PCT2008-03-01
386Sexual Health - Oral Contraceptive SupplycompleteSouthwark PCT2009-09-01
432Sexual Health - Oral Contraceptive SupplyongoingLewisham PCT2009-09-01
471Sexual Health Service - Level 1 completeNorth East Lincolnshire PCT2009-12-01
516Sexual Health Services - bundled ongoingSwindon PCT2009-08-15
600Sexual Health Services - bundled completeCoventry Teaching PCT2009-04-01
721Sexual Health Services - bundled completeBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT2009-04-01
722Sexual Health Services - bundled ongoingBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT2010-06-01
724Sexual Health Services - bundled ongoingBrighton & Hove City PCT2010-03-01
729Sexual Health Services - bundled - Level 1 ongoingSouthwark PCT2010-04-01
415Sexual Health StrategyongoingHertfordshire PCT2008-12-01
334Sharps DisposalongoingWarwickshire PCT2007-03-20
408Sharps Waste Collection ServiceongoingCentral & Eastern Cheshire PCT2008-10-01
406Sharps Waste Collection Service ongoingWestern Cheshire PCT2008-10-01
420Special Bank Holiday OpeningongoingWarwickshire PCT2005-11-01
753Specialised, Enhanced Sexual Health ServiceongoingNewcastle PCT2011-08-01
465Specialist drugs - access to medicines ongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2008-09-01
2Stop SmokingongoingEast Lancashire PCT2007-09-10
12Stop SmokingongoingDevon PCT2007-09-10
18Stop SmokingongoingWiltshire PCT2007-04-01
28Stop SmokingongoingBromley PCT2005-05-31
35Stop SmokingongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2005-12-01
38Stop SmokingongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2010-04-01
47Stop SmokingongoingKensington & Chelsea PCT2004-11-01
98Stop SmokingongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2007-05-01
123Stop SmokingongoingSwindon PCT2010-04-01
150Stop SmokingongoingSalford Teaching PCT2001-01-00
159Stop SmokingongoingCoventry Teaching PCT2007-12-00
717Stop Smoking ongoingSefton PCT2009-04-01
163Stop Smoking decommissionedBournemouth & Poole PCT2008-07-01
164Stop SmokingongoingDorset PCT2008-12-01
186Stop SmokingongoingTorbay Care Trust2007-06-00
505Stop Smoking decommissionedSurrey PCT2010-07-01
208Stop SmokingongoingCambridgeshire PCT2008-03-01
210Stop SmokingongoingPeterborough PCT2008-12-01
255Stop SmokingcompleteOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
245Stop SmokingongoingNorth Yorkshire & York PCT2007-09-01
256Stop Smoking ongoingHeywood, Middleton & Rochdale PCT2009-04-01
272Stop SmokingongoingSouth East Essex PCT2009-04-01
273Stop SmokingongoingSouth West Essex PCT2009-04-01
279Stop SmokingongoingMid Essex PCT2009-01-01
291Stop Smoking ongoingWest Kent PCT2009-04-01
296Stop Smoking ongoingEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2008-12-01
304Stop SmokingongoingEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2009-11-02
342Stop SmokingongoingHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-24
358Stop Smoking ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2008-04-01
508Stop SmokingongoingHull Teaching PCT2010-04-01
380Stop SmokingcompleteLeicestershire County & Rutland PCT2009-01-01
418Stop SmokingongoingWest Sussex PCT2010-04-01
448Stop Smoking ongoingDudley PCT2010-03-01
478Stop Smoking ongoingSolihull Care Trust2010-10-01
546Stop Smoking ongoingBerkshire West PCT2010-04-01
552Stop Smoking completeBrighton & Hove City PCT2007-03-01
562Stop SmokingongoingLeeds PCT2008-07-01
585Stop Smoking completeDoncaster PCT2007-04-01
610Stop Smoking completeWestminster PCT2008-04-01
669Stop Smoking ongoingHartlepool PCT2010-01-01
666Stop Smoking ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2010-01-01
667Stop Smoking ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2010-01-01
668Stop Smoking ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2010-01-01
694Stop Smoking ongoingNewham PCT2010-04-01
705Stop Smoking completeTower Hamlets PCT2009-04-01
709Stop Smoking completeWaltham Forest PCT2009-09-01
730Stop Smoking ongoingGloucestershire PCT2009-04-01
733Stop Smoking ongoingBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT2010-04-01
741Stop SmokingongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2010-04-01
744Stop Smoking (including NRT) ongoingLeicester City PCT2010-11-01
479Stop Smoking - Brief Intervention, Intermediate ongoingNorth Lincolnshire PCT2010-07-01
376Stop Smoking - Level 2 Intermediate Service Provision in Pharmacy ongoingHertfordshire PCT2010-04-01
498Stop Smoking - NRT and Behavioural Support ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
71Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher Scheme ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2008-12-01
131Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher SchemeongoingLeeds PCT2006-05-22
203Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher SchemeongoingHull Teaching PCT2008-01-01
377Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher SchemeongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
397Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher SchemeongoingBassetlaw PCT2010-04-01
486Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher Scheme ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-04-01
499Stop Smoking - NRT Voucher Scheme ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2010-04-01
176Stop Smoking - Pharmacy 1:1 Support Scheme ongoingSheffield PCT2005-11-01
381Stop Smoking - Supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)completeLeicestershire County & Rutland PCT2009-01-01
462Stop Smoking - supply of NRT via PGD ongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2006-04-01
445Stop Smoking - Varenicline (pilot)decommissionedHampshire PCT2010-09-01
351Stop Smoking - Varenicline PGDongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2007-07-01
480Stop Smoking - Varenicline PGD ongoingBexley Care Trust2010-01-01
224Stop Smoking Health Promotion CampaigncompleteWiltshire PCT2009-02-01
419Stop Smoking Scheme - One to One Support completeWarwickshire PCT2008-04-01
757Substance MisuseongoingKingston PCT2011-08-01
125Supervised Administration ongoingSwindon PCT2008-04-01
367Supervised Administration ongoingBerkshire East PCT2009-04-01
155Supervised Administration ongoingBlackpool PCT2007-03-00
180Supervised AdministrationongoingDevon PCT2008-04-00
181Supervised AdministrationongoingPlymouth Teaching PCT2007-01-00
187Supervised AdministrationongoingDorset PCT2007-07-00
211Supervised AdministrationongoingWest Sussex PCT2007-04-01
223Supervised AdministrationongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2009-04-01
327Supervised Administration ongoingGloucestershire PCT2010-04-01
398Supervised Administration ongoingNottinghamshire County PCT2008-09-01
487Supervised Administration completeBassetlaw PCT2008-09-01
511Supervised Administration ongoingOxfordshire PCT2010-04-01
527Supervised Administration ongoingWiltshire PCT2009-04-01
536Supervised Administration completeTelford & Wrekin PCT2008-04-01
547Supervised Administration ongoingCambridgeshire PCT2010-05-01
556Supervised Administration completeLeeds PCT2006-04-01
567Supervised Administration ongoingSurrey PCT2010-03-01
571Supervised Administration completeKirklees PCT2009-04-01
586Supervised Administration ongoingDoncaster PCT2009-09-01
674Supervised Administration ongoingMiddlesbrough PCT2008-07-01
673Supervised Administration ongoingRedcar & Cleveland PCT2008-07-01
670Supervised Administration completeHartlepool PCT2009-04-01
647Supervised Administration completeCounty Durham PCT2007-05-01
630Supervised Administration completeRichmond & Twickenham PCT2008-04-01
659Supervised Administration ongoingStockton on Tees PCT2008-10-01
686Supervised Administration completeWandsworth Teaching PCT2009-04-01
689Supervised Administration completeBarking & Dagenham PCT2008-04-01
697Supervised Administration ongoingNewham PCT2010-02-01
706Supervised Administration completeTower Hamlets PCT2006-07-01
719Supervised Administration completeSefton PCT2007-04-01
737Supervised Administration ongoingEast Lancashire PCT2011-03-01
402Supervised Administration - BuprenorphineongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
579Supervised Administration - Buprenorphine ongoingIslington PCT2010-10-01
481Supervised Administration - Methadone ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-04-01
401Supervised Administration - Methadone ongoingNottingham City PCT2010-04-01
502Supervised Administration - Methadone ongoingNorthumberland Care Trust2010-05-01
578Supervised Administration - Methadone ongoingIslington PCT2010-10-01
370Supervised Administration - Methadone and BuprenorphineongoingSouth Staffordshire PCT2009-09-01
456Supervised Administration - Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2007-04-01
459Supervised Administration - Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingNorth Lancashire PCT2010-04-01
464Supervised Administration - Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2007-01-01
538Supervised Administration - Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingSunderland Teaching PCT2010-04-01
237Supervised Administration of Antituberculous Drugs ongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2009-06-04
76Supervised Administration of BuprenorphineongoingSolihull Care Trust2002-01-00
387Supervised Administration of Buprenorphine ongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
154Supervised Administration of Crushed SubutexongoingCumbria PCT0000-00-00
21Supervised Administration of Methadone ongoingWales2006-04-01
30Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingBromley PCT2006-08-01
37Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingGreenwich Teaching PCT2006-08-01
41Supervised Administration of Methadone ongoingSolihull Care Trust2009-12-31
46Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingNorfolk PCT2001-01-01
72Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingSheffield PCT2007-09-19
168Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingEast Riding Of Yorkshire PCT2010-04-01
218Supervised Administration of MethadoneongoingHull Teaching PCT2008-04-01
392Supervised Administration of Methadone and BuprenorphineongoingBradford & Airedale PCT2009-01-01
553Supervised Administration of Methadone and Buprenorphine completeBrighton & Hove City PCT2007-03-01
614Supervised Administration of Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingCamden PCT2010-04-01
96Supervised Administration of prescribed medicinesongoingIsle of Wight NHS PCT2007-02-00
165Supervised Administration of prescribed medicinesongoingBolton PCT2007-05-00
449Supervised Consumption ongoingNorth Yorkshire & York PCT2008-03-01
447Supervised Consumption of Methadone and Buprenorphine ongoingAshton, Leigh & Wigan PCT2011-01-01
305Supervised Consumption of Prescribed Medicines ongoingEast Sussex Downs & Weald PCT2009-11-02
343Supervised Consumption of Prescribed Medicines ongoingHastings & Rother PCT2009-11-02
442Supply of Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS) ongoingAshton, Leigh & Wigan PCT2008-10-01
134Supporting care workers with medicines administrationongoingBolton PCT2007-10-01
708Targeted Medicines Use ReviewsongoingTower Hamlets PCT2010-05-01
588Targeted MURs - Asthma ongoingBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT2010-07-01
599Targeted MURs - AsthmaongoingTorbay Care Trust2010-04-01
589Targeted MURs - Depression ongoingBristol, Bath and North East Somerset PCT2010-07-01
472Targeting Medicines Waste ongoingWales2010-11-01
699TB therapy support ongoingNewham PCT2008-03-01
460The Sharp End service - disposal of used sharps from diabetic patients ongoingNorthumberland Care Trust2006-12-01
707Tuberculosis - Directly Observed Treatment (DOT)ongoingTower Hamlets PCT2010-12-01
40Urgent CareongoingSolihull Care Trust2006-05-03
54Urgent CareongoingScotland 2007-01-13
161Urgent CareongoingBradford & Airedale PCT2008-04-00
179Urgent CareongoingDevon PCT2008-04-01
185Urgent CareongoingTorbay Care Trust2006-10-01
421Urgent Prescription Out of Hours 'Call Out' ServiceongoingWarwickshire PCT2005-10-01
404Urgent Prescription ServicecompleteNottinghamshire County PCT2008-04-01
519Urgent Prescription Service (Out of Hours)completeWiltshire PCT2008-04-01
518Urgent Prescriptions Service (Out of Hours) ongoingSwindon PCT2010-04-01
745Urgent Repeat Medicines ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2009-04-01
506Urgent Repeat Prescriptions ongoingCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2009-04-01
137Vascular Risk AssessmentcompleteIslington PCT2008-08-11
206Vascular Risk AssessmentongoingHampshire PCT2009-02-10
213Vascular Risk AssessmentongoingNewham PCT2009-11-01
265Vascular Risk AssessmentongoingCounty Durham PCT2009-06-01
266Vascular Risk Assessment ongoingOxfordshire PCT2009-04-01
274Vascular Risk AssessmentongoingSouth West Essex PCT2009-04-01
118Vascular Risk Assessment (Heart MOT)completeSouth Birmingham PCT2006-09-01
157Vascular Risk Assessment (Pitstop check)ongoingNorth Tyneside PCT2007-06-01
205Vascular Risk Assessment (Vascular Checks)ongoingManchester PCT2010-09-01
718Vascular Risk Assessment - NHS Health Check ongoingSefton PCT2010-04-01
443Vascular Risk Assessment - NHS Health Check ongoingDorset PCT2010-01-01
7Weight ManagementongoingSouthampton City PCT2007-09-01
9Weight Management ongoingEastern & Coastal Kent PCT2006-12-01
48Weight Management completeHull Teaching PCT2006-01-01
93Weight managementcompleteKensington & Chelsea PCT2008-02-14
92Weight Management ongoingCity & Hackney Teaching PCT2008-01-01
147Weight Management ongoingCentral Lancashire PCT2008-09-15
184Weight ManagementcompletePlymouth Teaching PCT2008-06-01
424Weight Management decommissionedHastings & Rother PCT2006-04-01
483Weight Management ongoingWalsall Teaching PCT2010-09-01
490Weight Management completeNottingham City PCT2009-04-01
101Weight Management - (BMI) measurement ongoingHeywood, Middleton & Rochdale PCT0000-00-00
513Weight Management - Bariatric weighing (pilot)ongoingManchester PCT2010-09-01
452Weight Management - pilotcompleteDorset PCT2008-07-01
309Weight Management and Healthy LivingongoingBuckinghamshire PCT2008-07-01
6Weight Management and ObesityongoingWandsworth Teaching PCT2005-03-01
73Weight Management and Obesity completeCoventry Teaching PCT2007-03-10
178Weight Management and Obesity - pilot only completeCornwall & Isles Of Scilly PCT2008-07-01