Medication review support tool

Medication review support tool – Questions to ask your patient in a medication review and how to ask them to ensure an effective partnership

Sunderland CCG has asked us to share the support tool for medication reviews from Prescqipp, as you may find it useful to know what our general practice colleagues are asking and considering when undertaking medication reviews.

Some of this information may also be helpful to you when you carry out Medicine Use Reviews.

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What should you cover in an effective medication review?
• Ask the patient to bring in all of their medicines – looking at the number of containers and date of dispensing on the labels can tell a story.
• Look at the history of repeat requests on the practice system.
• Gain the patient’s confidence, this must be an effective partnership to get the full benefit.
• Check the patient’s adherence with prescribed medicines and do not make assumptions.
• Medicine waste can be 2.5% of your prescribing budget and if medicines are not being taken as expected consider the need for continuing prescribing.
Use the NO TEARS review tool to prompt the right questions, at