Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) – project

The CCG is working with Sunderland GP Alliance on a project to introduce a Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) prescription line to manage telephone repeat prescription orders from different practices, by one central service. The idea originated in Coventry and Rugby CCG and a growing number of CCGs across the country are adopting it. For more information on the Sunderland project please see the flyer that can be downloaded here.
The benefits are expected to include reduced administration and clinical time for managing repeat prescriptions, good patient satisfaction as patients appreciated discussing their medicines needs; and reduced medicines waste.
In some CCGs, practices have saved 6 to 7% of prescribing costs when they have joined the POD in their area. If you are signing up to the prescribing gain-share scheme, then participating in the POD project will really support you to reduce prescription medicines waste and make savings.
If you would like further information about the POD then please contact