The Seriously Resistant campaign is coming!


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to our future health, and this is no longer a winter issue. We use antibiotics all year around, and so their appropriate use is also important all year round. If we don’t limit the spread of antibiotic resistance, infections could kill more people than cancer by 2050. To support our ongoing work to promote antimicrobial stewardship (appropriate use of antibiotics), Sunderland CCG has commissioned a communications campaign aimed at the public, pharmacies and GP practices – we want everyone to be involved.

Seriously Resistant is a visually striking communications campaign trying to get everyone to think seriously about how they use antibiotics. It will be made up of social media presence, posters, buses, touring events, a giant ‘superbug’ –  the works! As well as provide information, we encourage people to make pledges. The pledges are designed to not just inform people about the threats of antibiotic resistance but to get people to commit to thinking about how they will change their own behaviour around antibiotics. We’d like to gather as many pledges as possible! From you, your friends and family, your patients.

Very soon, every pharmacy and GP practices will receive a large red envelope, which will contain all the information and materials you need to bring Seriously Resistant to your pharmacy. We’ve also attached some information. The campaign is due to go live on Tuesday 28th May and to mark the occasion it would be great to see your hard work setting up the campaign displayed on social media. One of the key messages of the campaign, is that the future of antibiotics is in our hands – our choices about how we use antibiotics will determine the future of their use. In the pack, you’ve got some large cut-out hands – why not use these a photo prop and get some photos up! We’ve even written some social media messages for you if it’s helpful. Just make sure you’re using the hashtag #seriouslyresistant and why not throw in #wearepharmacy for good measure!

The campaign is particularly going to be targeted in areas where we know there is higher prescribing of antibiotics, so pharmacies in these areas will also get some localised versions of the materials. This includes:

  • Grindon
  • Southwick
  • Shiny Row
  • Concord
  • Hetton le Hole

So if you’re in one of these areas, we’d especially welcome your support.

We’d also like every pharmacy to have at least one antibiotic ambassador – a great role for health living pharmacy champions. We’ll keep all our ambassadors up-to-date on the campaign and what’s going on when. We also have some additional stuff that you can use on a short-term basis if you’d really like to go big for a short period of time.

Let’s start having conversations about how we might better use antibiotics. Time is running out!